15 handicap discounts you can get in 2020

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15 handicap discounts you can get in 2020
If you are handicapped, you can save money on a variety of services. However, what might not be obvious is that throughout 2020, companies in nearly every industry are committed to offering you significant discounts, allowing a multitude of your basic living, health, and luxury needs to be met and help improve your quality of life.


1. U.S. National Park Service

For people with disabilities, the US National Park Service offers a free park pass that provides access to any United States national park. Fees for park entry typically run between $15.00 to $30.00 per vehicle per park, and this pass typically costs $80.00 for all parks. As such, it is a valuable discount for anyone with a handicap.

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2. Pan Foundation

Handicap people have special needs that typically come at a high cost because treating or assisting people with special needs requires special medication or expertise. The Pan Foundation focuses on helping people with medical costs and pharmacy bills. If you are handicapped, you can receive discounts for co-pays and medications.

3. Amy Van Dyken Foundation

For people with disabilities, this foundation offers free medical equipment. Although this service provides discounts on equipment that can cost thousands of dollars, the discount is specifically for people with injuries involving the spinal cord.

4. MTS Medical Supply

Discounts on such things as wheelchairs and handrails are available via the program run by MTS Medical Supply. For example, if you are handicapped, you can purchase a $90 bed rail for $60, saving you 33 percent.


5. Sun Metro

Handicapped passengers of Sun Metro receive a whopping 70-percent discount on all fares.

6. Amtrak

You can save 10 percent on train travel via Amtrak's disability savings program. Additionally, accompanying children can save up to 50 percent.

7. LeeTran

Most national bus companies offer discounts for children and students but not to handicapped people. However, LeeTran offers discounted fares on all LeeTran buses. All you have to do is show your identification card.

8. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority

This transit authority offers handicapped individuals travel savings throughout the Hillsborough area. The savings program must be renewed every six months.

9. Pacific Surfliner

Available to individuals with a disability, this savings program offers savings of 15 percent on train travel throughout the west coast. To qualify, all you have to do is select "Passenger with Disability" when you book your travel and enter "V577" as the promotion code.


10. Mystic Seaport

Handicapped individuals can receive a 50-percent discount to this maritime museum. The museum also offers affordable wheelchair rentals and adaptive strollers.

11. Dollywood

This discount involves free admission to select rides, but the option of also receiving priority boarding means you do not have to wait in line. In this instance, not having to wait might be more fun than the free admission.


12. Salvation Army

For the handicapped, Salvation Army offers bill-pay assistance, which actually puts money in your hands. Additionally, you can receive discounts on meal programs and rent.

13. U.S. Department of Energy

Throughout 2020, handicapped individuals can receive discounts on heaters and air conditioners. Additionally, they can provide free inspections on existing systems.


14. AT&T

For a 25-percent savings on service plans, all you need to do is sign up for phone service. Additionally, you receive savings on various plan features and add-ons.


15. ClubGo

ClubGo is a savings network that helps people with disabilities save up to 60 percent on hotel reservations.

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