Smart Door Locks – You Would Not Believe How Easy they Make Your Life!

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Smart Door Locks – You Would Not Believe How Easy they Make Your Life!

Technology certainly keeps bringing the craziest things to us. Who would have thought that the world would be so connected so quickly after the invention of the first phone! And technology is advancing so fast that most of us cannot keep track of it no matter how hard we try! Smart systems are one of those things that you need to explore!



Smart locking systems connect with your phone and allow you to lock and unlock your door with just your presence or your voice! You can even access your doors remotely and let someone enter your home if you are not there! Check out our picks for the smart best door locks available today:


1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock
This lock system comes with a retrofit August lock and a DoorSense open and close sensor that upgrades your existing locking system. This device has connectivity with most smart assistants like Siri and Alexa for smart home integration. With this, you get unlimited users for access and keyless entry codes too.

 Wi-Fi Locks Facing Different Directions



2. August Smart Lock and Connect
This is a third-generation August door lock system. It comes with a DoorSense open-close sensor and Connect Wi-Fi module. The design is made so that you would not have to change up the existing door lock fixture in the home. Using the door lock with the August mobile app, you can control it with voice commands and remote access.

 Smart Lock + Connect Satin Nickel


3. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt
This is without a doubt the best smart lock design you can get in the market. It is a sleek ad that comes with a touchscreen keypad. You can use the dedicated app to control when and how to lock the door from anywhere around the world. It works perfectly with any smart home system that you have.


4. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt
If you are new to smart locks and do not want to get into something too complex from the get-go, you need to try this one! While you do not get diverse smart-home connectivity, and the codes you get are limited to 100 only, these things only make it simpler to use. It can still work with Google Assistant and Alexa by linking through their apps!



The right door lock for you depends on your needs. Some door locks need special fitting, while others fit exactly where your last lock was. Based on the features you need, you can find a door lock that suits you! The options are endless! Tell us in the comments below if you think they are convenient or not!

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Rust Bothering You Around Your Home? – 5 Tricks that Will Rid Rust Forever

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Rust Bothering You Around Your Home? – 5 Tricks that Will Rid Rust Forever

Rust occurs when metals oxidize because of prolonged exposure to direct or indirect moisture. You find that the metal turns into a chalky-brown substance. That is called rust. The best way to prevent rust is to keep the surfaces dry. But not everyone can manage that all the time. Some areas are just prone to more water than others.


Rust can find its way almost anywhere in your home. Nothing is safe from rust, from bike handles to the very tools you use to fix things around your house! So if you are bothered by rust and want to prevent further damage, you must be looking for a solution. Check out some of the best solutions for rust around your home:


1. WD-40
WD-40 is the go-to chemical that everyone uses to remove rust. It is ultra-effective as it targets the bonds that rust and metal have. It is an invasive chemical, and it seeps into even the smallest of crevices. Soak the area with WD-40 for about 10 minutes, and use a wire brush to eradicate the rust!

 WD-40 12oz Industrial Lubricants Multi-Use Product with Smart Straw Spray - image 1 of 8

2. Diesel
Diesel is a very effective agent to remove rust and protect against it too. All you have to do is to soak the object with rust in diesel for 24 hours. By the time you get back to it, all the rust will have been worn off of it! Scrub and wash the object thoroughly, and that is all!


3. White Vinegar
Everyone has vinegar somewhere around their home. Whether it is for cooking, cleaning, or self-care, vinegar has a way to help you out. Little did you know that it will be your salvation from rust too! It is one of the most effective rust removers around. Place the rusted object in vinegar for 24 hours, scrub it, and voila!


4. Baking Soda Paste
Baking soda and water; that is all you need to get rid of the worst of rust in your home. Just mix baking soda and water in a bowl, making a very thick paste. Once the paste is ready, spread it on the metal and wait to do its job. After around 20 minutes, scrub off the paste with steel wool. The rust will come off!

 Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda - 1lb - image 2 of 4


5. Citric Acid
Powdered citric is readily available in your supermarkets. Just bring some of it home and activate it with warm water. You can make as much of the solution as you need. Place the rusted objects in the citric acid container, and by the morning, all the things will be rust-free!


Once you have finished clearing out the rust, rinse and dry the surfaces thoroughly. To prevent rust from coming back, you can always prime the surface and paint over it. Or, if you prefer the original look, spray some lacquer over it. Did you find these tips helpful? Tell us in the comments below!

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Can’t Tolerate Gluten? - Gluten-Free Wheat Flour Alternatives that are Just as Good

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Can’t Tolerate Gluten? - Gluten-Free Wheat Flour Alternatives that are Just as Good

Gluten is a very common part of most baking and flour-based foods. But this is nothing less than a curse for people who are gluten intolerant or are just looking to avoid gluten to watch their weight. You can find gluten in bread, noodles, and even soups. Some people add gluten to soup to make it thicker.



Most of these products are made from wheat-based flour. And for people who want to avoid gluten for whatever reason, there is good news. There are several healthy alternatives to gluten that you can use instead!


1. Almond Flour
It is made from ground almonds with the skin removed. It is one of the most common gluten-free flour alternatives in the market. It is used in the same amount as regular flour is in baked and other dishes. It gives a unique nutty taste and is an excellent grain-free alternative to breadcrumbs. It is a good source of vitamin E and monounsaturated fat.

 Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Super Fine Almond Flour - 16oz - image 1 of 6


2. Buckwheat Flour
While seeing wheat in its name can be misleading, it is not a grain and is gluten-free. Buckwheat has a rich and earthy flavor and is fantastic for baking. It is crumbly because there is no gluten. The world-famous soba noodles are made of buckwheat flour. Buckwheat flour also has a lot of health benefits. Buckwheat flour is used with wheat flour sometimes to bind the food better.

 Organic Buckwheat Flour, 2 Pounds - Non-GMO, Kosher, Unbleached, Unbromated, Unenriched, Stone Ground, Powder, Meal, Sirtfood, Bulk – by Food to Live



3. Oat Flour
Oats are a common breakfast choice for people keeping track of their calories and athletes. Oat flour is made by grinding whole oats, giving you a chewy and crumbly type of flour. Baking with oat flour can result in moister results compared to wheat flour. You can adjust the ingredients to make fluffier goods. Oats have tremendous health benefits, and that is why they are preferred so much by health-conscious people.



4. Corn Flour
If you have ever had cornmeal, this is just a very thinly ground version of it. It is a popular ingredient in thickening the consistency of soup. People also use corn flour with other gluten-free flours to make pizza crust. Corn flour has outstanding anti-oxidant qualities and is excellent for gluten-intolerant people too.



While the flours shared may not have the exact taste or texture of wheat, most of them come close. Try out the options and tell us how you felt about them in the comments below! We are sure that you will find a substitute that is just as good if not better!

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6 Splendid Blenders for Your Kitchen that will Never Let You Down

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6 Splendid Blenders for Your Kitchen that will Never Let You Down

Blenders are the lifeblood of a kitchen. If you are making anything from soup to smoothies, you know your blender is the fastest way to get your ingredients in the right shape. The only thing that can get your fruit silky-smooth in minutes, if not seconds, is your trusty blender.



Your blender will be your best friend on days where you have no work. Making refreshing meals and drinks is almost like a cathartic break from the everyday struggle. Everyone deserves that break to be as fun and exciting as possible. Luckily there are all sorts of blenders out there to help you with that:




1.  Black + Decker Crush Master
If you are looking for value for money, you cannot get a blender better than the crush master. It is honestly surprising how powerful this blender is, considering its weight. It blends fruits and veggies till they are silky smooth.

 Black + Decker Crush Master 10-Speed Blender, Black



2.  Ninja Professional Countertop Blender
The people who have used this blender for smoothies know how good it is in action. The powerful blender crushes through frozen lumps of fruits effortlessly too! You can use it to make servings as small as one cup, so there is no wastage of food.

 Ninja Professional Blender 1000W BL610 - image 3 of 10




3.  Oster Blender Pro 1200
This is probably the most sophisticated blender you have ever seen with six blades, a broad base, and a glass pitcher. Even some of the most expensive brands come with a plastic jug. The glass jug leaves no residual smells and taste in what you prepare.


4.  Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender
This blender comes with 12 functions, including essential blending. The pour spot on top has some skeptics, but people who use the blender know how useful it is. It allows you to add water or some other ingredients without taking the top off the blender.

 Power Elite® Multi-Function Blender with Mess-free 40oz Glass Jar, 700W Black & Stainless (58148)


5. Nutri Ninja Personal Blender
No matter how much experience you have with blenders, you can make full use of the Nutri Ninja with ease. The blades are strong enough to handle all sorts of fruits, even with their peels and ice too! It is a model that even juice bar owners vouch for.

 Zoom in on Alt View Zoom 1. Nutri Ninja Pro Single Serve Blender - Black.




Some of these even come with attachments to chop up your vegetables for cooking or to whip cream! Most of these can make your life easy just by pressing a button! What are your favorite uses of a blender? Tell us in the comments below!

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Forget Joint Pain in the Winters with these Pain Relieving Creams

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Forget Joint Pain in the Winters with these Pain Relieving Creams


Joint pain seems to find its way back into your life every winter. And it can ruin your day by getting in the way of your work. It is normal to get frustrated because no matter how hard you try to cure it, it worsens with each passing year. The best way to deal with it is to use remedies that work instantly to keep you out of the misery while your long-term treatment runs its course.


You can consider using pain-relieving creams to help you with this situation. Pain relief creams can quell the inflammation and pain temporarily so that you can go about your daily tasks as per usual. Here are the top pain-relieving creams in the market:



1. Tiger Balm Extra Strength Sports Rub
This works as a counterirritant. It essentially distracts you from your pain using a cooling sensation from ingredients such as camphor, menthol, and mint oil. As soon as you apply the balm, it starts relieving your pain. If not reducing it, at least take your mind off it.

 Tiger Balm Sport Rub Pain Relieving Ointment, Ultra Strength 1.70 oz (Pack of 2)




2. Boiron Arnicare Pain Relief Cream
Boiron has a two-step process to ease your pain. It has cooling agents like other counterirritants with a cooling effect; simultaneously, it uses arnica to soothe any skin damage and inflammation. It is a water-based gel, making it non-sticky and quick absorbing.

 Boiron Arnicare Cream Pain Relief, Muscle Pain & Stiffness, Swelling from Injuries, Bruising, 2.5 ounce



3. Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel
This is also a classic counterirritant, and it relies on menthol to cause a cooling effect. At the same time, it eases you from your pain. It comes in a roll-on container, making applying it to your skin much easier without getting your hands dirty. Also, this is colorless so that it would not stain your clothes either.

 Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel, Arthritis, Muscle, Joint and Back Pain Relief, 2.5 oz. Roll-On




4. Dr. Bronner’s Arnica-Menthol Organic Magic
This balm has multiple natural ingredients that both soothe your skin and calm inflammation. It is a blend of menthol, camphor, and peppermint oil. All of these work together, acting as a counterirritant and easing your pain. The balm also contains arnica and moisturizing agents such as coconut oil.





5. Sombra Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel
This gel is known as a warm therapy gel. It delivers controlled temperature therapy that would not burn or freeze your skin. It first warms your skin and later cools it using a blend of menthol and camphor. As a result, it gives you safe and effective pain relief.

 Sombra Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel 8oz


There are many sorts of pain-relieving agents in commercial creams today; you need to make sure that you get a suitable cream for the pain you are feeling, not for some other purpose. We hope you found the cream you needed in the list above; tell us in the comments below about your experience with it!

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