• Trusted Online Delivery Services Amidst The Pandemic

    The pandemic has changed the economy, and many of us are at a loss for words. While some industries find their graphs dropping downhill instantly, others are making more sales than ever before. Online shopping is on an all-time high because it supports the ‘stay at home’ regulations passed by the government. According to foodnavigator.com, "online food delivery is one of the only winners in the coronavirus". Customers use online delivery to distance themselves from others during COVID-19. Who would want to venture outside for any purchase when its a life or death situation out there? It’s best to pamper yourself for a bit and get someone to run your errands for you at the best price.

    What Makes A Food Delivery Perfect

    Not every online delivery service has what it takes to make a flawless sale. During COVID-19, people will keep an eye out to see whether all the COVID-19 precautions are being taken care of or not. Those who can’t cook on their own must rely on food takeaway from their favorite restaurants and delis. We’ve come to know that the COVID-19 virus is a droplet infection that stays on some surfaces for a few hours or days. Can food be a possible transmitter of COVID-19?

    Advice From The Experts

    Harvard Medical School has claimed on its website, the website of Harvard Health Publishing: “There is no current evidence that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted through food.” As far as the surface is concerned, it’s best to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before use. According to biological researchers, freshly-cooked takeaway meals have minimal risk factors associated with them. This means that you can enjoy your burgers, fries, fried chicken and drinks in peace.

    Food delivery precautions

    Food delivery isn’t always 100% safe however, thanks to poorly managed restaurants and delivery services. Your health is of prime importance to you right now, which is why it is best to be skeptical of every online shopping experience you have. Notice how certain restaurants have adopted anti-viral precautions to reassure their customers. It’s up to you to look out for red flags and make a smart online delivery choice.

    Precautions You Should Take

    Here are a few points to help you in your fight against the spread of COVID-19. Read them carefully and start practicing today.

    • Avoid direct contact with the delivery mperson. Request them to leave your order at the doorstep and leave. There will come better times for hospitality - just not now.
    • Transfer the food to a clean dish and dispose of the package.
    • Use your own utensils.
    • Wash your hands for 20 seconds before you eat.

    Trusty Online Food Delivery

    Here is a list of online food delivery services that you can trust. They have the best price, cheap deals, and all the necessary COVID-19 precautions.



    How has the pandemic affected your daily routine? Are you more of a home cook or rely on these online takeaway services for your daily meals? We would appreciate hearing about your experiences with online food delivery in the comments below!

  • Understand the size charts for buying dresses online

    With the era of the internet, several traditional habits have been replaced by newer and more efficient methods making everyday tasks much more simple. Even though we have an upgraded lifestyle, there are some problems that follow with every new endeavor.

    Sticky Situations

    When a person is shopping for clothes online they may choose a big box brand having a huge variety and stock of different categories and sizes of clothing. Or, perhaps, they like having more control- thus opting for a custom clothier, to get great style at a bargain of the price. Regardless of the retailer, buying clothes that you have not tried on to check whether they fit you properly or not creates many issues. The main one is that you may get stuck with clothes that don’t even fit you! This article will guide you so that you always get correctly sized clothing online.

    Steps To Get The Perfect Fit

    To ensure that you always get clothing that fits you online you are going to have to take a few precautionary steps given by this article at Lifehacker.com. This does not mean that you will get the exact fit from the minute your shipment arrives, but you can expect it to fit eventually. It’s better than not fitting at all!

    1. You need proper measurements of your body to get the exact idea of what size would fit you properly before ordering online. Try to get these measurements taken by a professional. If you want to do it on your own check out the steps at this Wikihow article. After you have carefully checked the steps, get a friend to take the measurements for you rather than trying to do it by yourself. It is not very easy to take measurements yourself and you are likely to end up with a size that does not fit you.


    1. Make a list of all the brands and retailers that you have bought from previously and properly catalogue the size you bought from them and how well it fits you. This will help you make sure that the next time you buy from them you know what you are going to order will be correctly sized.


    1. This step is more of an improvisation than a precautionary step. You need to go around and look for a tailor or seamstress in your neighbourhood. Now, this would come in handy if you are buying from a brand for the first time. When you decide on what size you are, order a size bigger than that. This will allow you a cushion- if the size is bigger than what you need, you can take it to the tailor or seamstress and get it fitted exactly according to your body. If their sizes were a little smaller than you thought then you were saved from getting clothing that would be too small for you.

    You’re All Set To Roll

    With all this in your arsenal, you are destined never to get a size of clothing that does not fit you. If you have any more suggestions and recommendations on how to safeguard the online ordering process feel free to tell about it in the comment section below. Meanwhile, here are some brands that provide top-notch clothing online;


    1. All Saints
    2. American Eagle
    3. Anthropologie
    4. ASOS
    5. Boohoo


    What are your experiences using size charts on online websites? How often have you been successful in getting your perfect fit from an online clothing store? Are these issues the same when it comes to buying other accessories, like shoes and glasses? Let’s share our experiences in the comments section below!

  • The Best Reviewed Sneakers on the Internet

    Sneakers started off as athletic footwear especially in the area of basketball and running. These shoes proved to be extremely comfortable and the users slowly started using the shoes with their casual outfits. Today sneakers have become a fashion statement and can be priced very high depending upon the brand and its endorsement. Some of the best sneakers available in the market are discussed below based upon how much the users loved them on Run Repeat.


    Nike Air force 1 low

    These sneakers have been in the market for over three decades and are still amongst the favourite ones for basketball fans. Fans claim that it still feels effortless to wear while playing on the court. Some of the fans even went forward to say that the low cut version of Nike Air force 1 could be worn for the whole day with ease due to the comfort it provides. It comes in a variety of colours and has a very classic feel to it that people love. The durability of the shoe is unbeatable. Onlookers claim that the price of the shoe is more than reasonable considering the superb athletic ability and immense popularity of the shoe.


    Nike Air Max 270

    Nike released this sneaker as one of its more athletic versions and was aimed to overthrow even the Air force 1 low. The shoe is exceptionally lightweight and it is known to be very durable. There are several comments claiming that the shoe has a very good feel to the foot. Some fans loved it enough to say that they were ordering it in different colours as well. It is an eye-catching shoe, indeed! Surely bound to get the wearer tons of compliments. However, the Nike Air Max 270 has a higher price point... a small fraction argues that it’s not worth the price. It has a narrow mouth that seems to bother such customers.


    Balenciaga Speed trainer

    The Balenciaga Speed Trainer is a proud favourite of many sneaker fans because of its minimalist, modern silhouette which includes its clean-cut and sleek upper and its fuss-free designed sole. It is one of the most stylish and reasonable shoes made by Balenciaga. People claim that its memory foam gives superior cushioning and adapts very well to footwear comfort. However, some customers seem to complain that the shoe’s price and the limit of the stock do not allow for everyone to be able to buy a pair. People have also been noted to say that the shoe has very few colour options to choose from which is a feature people miss.


    There is a multitude of sneakers out there and each one has its own fan base depending upon the price point and functionality of the shoe. Are you a shoe enthusiast? We would love to hear your take on these sporty shoes. Have you had any rotten experience with the best of brands, such as Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour? Tell us about your favourite sneakers in the comment section below!

  • How to Save Money By Seasonal Shopping

    Are you annoyed by the surge of prices just before the rise of a new season? Believe us- everyone is. Shopkeepers seem to make good use of the fact that people have needs depending on the weather. They don’t care how much money they are charging you as long as their own profits are through the roof. This is a trend that has been going on for decades and there seems to be no end to it. Every year, before every season, people rush to buy clothing, shoes and accessories that have to be used for the next season.


    The Golden Secret

    What if we tell you that there is a way to avoid getting caught in the surge of the prices? It’s your lucky day today- you are going to learn all you need to make sure that the next season you enjoy your money rather than losing it to the surge of prices by shopkeepers and retailers- both online and local.


    Rules of Seasonal Shopping

    Seasonal shopping is another term for an economist’s view on stock prices and how to save money according to the prediction of trends. The rule is very basic, the increase in the demand for a product or service will automatically increase its price point. Shopkeepers exploit huge customer demands to bag more money out of their clients.


    Similarly, when lesser people demand a certain product/service, the shopkeepers will have to reduce the price tag of the item and use a sale to sell off their stock. Therefore, as explained on The Balance, winter clothing will go on sale in January, just in the middle of the season when everyone has already bought the clothes of their needs and summer clothing would go on a sale in June-July. With all this said, here are some amazing end-of-season sales for winter sales going on right now!


    1. Alpha Industries
    2. Andrew Marc ( use code AMSEASON to get 20% off)
    3. Back Country
    4. Best Buy
    5. Bonobos

    Look Out For Traps!

    Shoppers that know how to bargain effectively might get great values for most deals but are also vulnerable to a lot of traps that are set by retailers. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid a situation where you might have to face monetary losses!


    • Do some online checking for the prices before you head down to the market to enjoy the end of season sales. Not all the marked down items are actually marked down. Some of the items may not have been marked down at all! Retailers may trap you into buying something expensive while you feel like you got a cheap, great deal.
    • Don’t buy items that you don’t or won’t need, buying something that is of no use is never a bargain no matter how amazing a deal you get.
    • Avoid using credit cards for deals. If you don’t pay off your card as soon as possible, the interest will eat up all your savings- and might even leave you in a sad loss.


    Head over to clearance sales to get the best deals you can. Avoid wasting your hard-earned money buying new arrivals- the same articles of clothing ae put on sale if you wait a few months to make your move. Leave your favourite methods of bargaining in the comment box below. Do you have any useful techniques to save your money buying clothing, shoes, and accessories? We would love to hear your take on this!

  • 5 Best Boomboxes of All Time

    Multimedia boomboxes are audio devices that allow you to get sound from several formats and methods of audio and video storage such as cassette tapes, SD cards, CD’s, MP3’s, DVD’s, and even AM/FM radio broadcasts. Boomboxes feature high-quality sound in a very portable package and can come in handy on several occasions. They’re very handy for dance classes, for listening to music while doing household chores, for teaching a class in an auditorium or a hall, where the vocals of a person might not be enough to deliver the lecture- and countless similar situations.

    The Convenience Is Unbeatable

    With a flick of a button, you can send high-quality sound to meet your needs. While nearly all boomboxes are capable of reproducing music in stereo with two or more speakers, Audio Links says that the modern multimedia boomboxes also offer additional features such as;

    • variable speed playback for interactive language studies
    • microphones to allow teachers to talk over audio programs
    • scalable options for companion speakers to cover large classrooms
    • multiple headphone jacks for conversion into classroom listening centers
    • Slots and USB ports for use of external hard drives, computers, or SD flash memory cards

    The Boombox That Suits You

    There are several areas that a person needs to consider before they dive into buying a boombox. With today’s variety of audio formats, finding a player that can handle all (or even most) of them can be a challenge. Therefore you need a boombox that can accommodate the types of media that you usually use. Normally people do not need a very huge variety of playback methods and a simple box with basic features of a USB, Bluetooth, FM and a CD player is more than enough for a person who is buying one for home use.

    Know Your Space

    If you buy a boombox that isn’t designed to operate in the space you have for it, you will not get the desired quality of sound. Huge halls and conference rooms have acoustic challenges that require a system with companion speakers or with multiple built-in speakers that can radiate sound a full 360 degrees. Smaller rooms are fit for musical ambience by a 1 or 2 Watt boombox.

    The Top Boomboxes Of All Time

    The information above might leave you a bit puzzled as to which boombox to choose from. Don’t worry, we have a few in our sight!

    1. Sony CFDS70BLK CD/Cassette Boombox
    2. Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox
    3. G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker
    4. Sharp GX-BT9X Portable Bluetooth BoomBox
    5. VELOUR Stereo System Slim Boombox

    A Musical Lifestyle

    Apparently, Sony still tops the list with its minimalistic design and top of the notch specs. You can make an impact on your friends and family by being the one who never fails to bring the best sound system to events, such as family reunions, parties, and movie nights. The sound produced by these stereos gets you up and dancing in no time- you can have a personalized workout every morning sweating calories to your favourite tunes.

    What’s your favourite boombox? Everyone is a music enthusiast in this day and age. According to The Guardian, there are 1,264 genres of popular music out there. Your music fix isn’t hard to find! Do you think there is a boombox better than the ones listed? Feel free to mention it in the comments below!

  • The Answers to 8 Most Common eCommerce Myths

    Cracking myths has an excellent feeling; however, for people who believe them, it can be quite disappointing. There are a lot of misunderstandings in regards to eCommerce that are so untrue.

    In this article, we will be discussing those myths and proving how things are different from what they seem.

    What is eCommerce?

    Buying and selling of products, making transactions, etc. online is known as eCommerce. The goal of eCommerce is to reach consumers at the right time and making it easier for them to buy products.

    It can be a hassle to find the right product if you are unsure of what you want. However, eCommerce business identifies those preferences and offers similar or the same product.

    By playing such an essential role in satisfying consumer's needs, it has developed various myths. Following are the 8 most common myths regarding eCommerce:

    1. Easy to Succeed

    Success is never easy. Using eCommerce can be tricky, and understanding the nature of it is very important. You cannot directly advertise a product online and hope you'll find success.

    Proper marketing techniques have to be used to catch the eye of your targeted market. By this, your consumers would turn towards your competitors.

    2. Cheaper Products Mean More Profit

    People believe that offering more affordable priced products is the only means to success. However, this theory is entirely wrong. Not all consumers are attracted to low priced goods.

    People can be brand conscious or might find your product unreliable due to it being so cheap. Your product must be at the right price and should be enough to keep a good profit margin. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying off your expenses and making no profit.

    3. It's Easy to Do

    Imagining yourself with your feet up and having tea at home while making big dollars does sound nice, but it's not possible and not how eCommerce works.

    Calculating and predicting the outcomes of your expenses and sales is a hectic all business needs to handle. You must do it yourself to understand your business position; otherwise, you might miscalculate your earnings.

    4. Resources are Always Available

    Just because everything is online doesn't mean everything is possible. Online retailers go out of stock on certain products because they aren't able to get a hand on it.

    The product you buy from an online retailer is not necessarily theirs. Instead, they might have purchased it from a wholesaler to place in front of you.

    5. Everyones Doing It

    Yes, many businesses use eCommerce, but that doesn't mean everyone is doing it. The thing is that people and the internet have bonded completely. It makes sales made online more commonly.

    However, a study showed that the gross sales of the year were made more by non eCommerce. Which proves not everyone is doing it.

    6. Anyone Can Do it

    With the right idea and motivation, yes, anything is possible. However, this doesn't necessarily mean "anyone can do it" because it seems easy. It's like any business and works the same way. Just because it's online and you're comfortable or used to the word online doesn't mean it's relatively easy

    It takes consistency and a keen understanding of the market and how you can address the consumer's interests at the right moment with the right product.

    7. It Requires No Investment

    People tend to believe it requires no cost. However, that is wrong. There are multiple costs an eCommerce business must bear to succeed.

    Some of the necessary costs include shipment, resources, website, and marketing. Thus the myth of it being free of cost venture is false.

    8. It's Impossible to Compete With Existing Competitors

    Yes, some bigger competitors have already established their image and are doing well. It doesn't mean you don't have a chance to compete with them.

    By understanding the way the market works, you'll have a chance at creating your image too. eBay was the most famous; however, now, as you know, there are multiple brands with a good reputation. You might still have a chance with the right strategy.

  • What are the New SEO Changes by Google?

    Google is a platform where you can search for almost anything. SEO is a process used to bring the most valid content on top of the search list. The better the content, the most likely it will be higher, according to Google’s algorithm.

    Continue reading this article to understand and know about the new SEO Changes by google.

    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of the trafficking to your website. It helps in optimizing the content available.

    The world of SEO is so dynamic. The version you used today might differ tomorrow, thus keeping in mind the changes that are occurring is essential.

    What are the updates google has brought us?

    Google updates its software’s for better performance and aims to make things easier for its users. These updates are essential because it creates more efficiency.

    The following are some essential updates in the SEO world:

    Posts updated can be longer

    Content specialists have argued about the length of content that can be posted. Now that problem has been addressed, and this solves a critical topic.

    Bucket Brigade

    This is another update that acts as a connector between paragraphs. It’s a compelling tactic that lures readers into reading it with ease. Short sentences have a good look and engage the reader with the content.

    Snippet Update

    How is this update helpful? Simple. It will limit URLs that are made known in the featured snippet to come into view again within the top ten organic search results.


    These updates are quite interesting and show that the features will play a vital role in enhancing SEO. Writers will take advantage of these updates and make the most of it.

  • The Secret To Buying Electronics Online

    Buying digital technology is quite a pain regardless of where you’re buying it from. The specifications are listed in indecipherable technical language that a fraction of the community can comprehend. Thus, many of the electronics we buy turn out to be irrelevant to our needs or may turn out to be faulty because their gullible buyers couldn’t sniff out the retailer betrayal they were going to face soon after. The problem is further escalated by ten folds if you prefer to make all your purchases online. Electronics bought online are susceptible to the risk of failing to meet your expectations because you don’t know whether you’re going to get the exact gadget that’s being marketed to you. Once you have the device in your hands, you have to teach yourself how to use it properly and might end up spoiling its functions with your own hands. Or the website that you’ve bought your electronics from has a no-return policy. You’re stuck with a useless piece of metal!

    Get Your Money’s Worth

    There are ways to make sure that you’re getting the exact electronic you wish for, may it be a mobile phone, a tablet, or any other digital device. We’ve listed the best tips by researching many authentic online sources for you to find cheap, yet genuine products, elevating your online buying experience like never before.

    1. Run Authenticity Checks

    Websites that have unsecured domains, plenty of haphazard advertisement placements, and list their electronics with an assortment of ‘keywords’ are quite suspicious. People buy cheap domains and list mobile phones, tablets, earphones, and other digital devices at extremely low rates to scam people into thinking they’ve stumbled across a miraculously cheap, genuine gadget. Instead, they may get a fake, refurbished electronic or sometimes nothing at all. In order to get the product you’re looking for, make sure that you land on an authentic website owned by the company that makes the product. Keep the actual price of the electronic in mind while you surf for deals online- anything less than three-quarters of the actual price is most likely to be a cash grab by scammers.

    2. Warranty Needed

    Most online websites that sell electronics don’t offer a warranty with them. Many don’t even have a return or exchange policy- and even if they claim they do, they may ghost the customer after shipping the product. If you can make sure your electronic has a warranty with it or the website you’re ordering from is user-friendly and offer return policies that actually work, you can give online shopping a chance. Websites that offer genuine products have nothing to fear, which is why they are confident in their sales.

    3. Swear By Reviews

    If a mobile phone, earpiece, or any other electronic doesn’t have good ratings or reviews, do yourself a favor and don’t risk your money. Reviews by people who have already gone through with the purchase are golden words for you. However, make sure that the reviews you’re reading don’t look like they’ve been bought- they must have a humane touch to them. If- we repeat- an electronic has no ratings or reviews, do not go through with the purchase.


    Being extra careful with your purchases online may need some added effort, but it’s worthwhile if you’re saving yourself from dealing with potential disappointment and a dwindling budget later on. Here is another website where you can find useful tips for avoiding fake online stores. What are your thoughts about buying electronics online? If you have some useful tips to buy genuine digital technology, you can let us know in the comments!

  • Online eCommerce Shopping: Why So Addictive?

    Online shopping is now beginning to run parallel to traditional shopping. It has gained a lot of attention recently, and it is not only getting familiar, but many people are getting too addicted to it. Even though the primary reason for introducing online shopping was to control impulse buying, but it seems like that is backfiring very bad.

    However, why are people even getting addicted to it? Maybe it is because of the great deals, convenience, or the variety of options.


    The primary reason why people love online shopping is that it is very convenient. Did you ever think you could shop in your bed at 3 am in your pajamas? Online shopping makes it possible.

    Do you remember the times when you would be watching those TV commercials at night and buy ridiculous things that you will never use? Well, online shopping is all that in an elevated form.

    You are most vulnerable at night, you make the worst decisions, and online stores take advantage of that.

    The Great Deals

    If you enjoy online shopping, you must know that the online store will offer the most amazing discount deals. There will be days when you will get a flat 50% off, which seems like more than a blessing.

    When you are online shopping, and you see online sales from all over the world that are more than attractive, how can you miss it? This factor makes it the most attractive. It's hard to say 'no' to a deal from an international brand. Many stores offer free shipping that makes the deals, which is, for sure, a great deal.

    Variety of Stores

    Even if you are a person who prefers going to the mall, you need to accept, and the online store has a better range. You can find products from around the world. You would be sitting in your bedroom in Tokyo, Japan and you can place an order for purse, which the store makes in Italy. This ability to purchase something from anywhere captures the beauty of technology and globalization.

    Even if you buy from a store that has their physical store in your city but you will get a better variety of their online store. That is because the online store will provide you directly from their manufacturing house.

    Better Shopping Experience

    In the past, online shopping had many loopholes, but with time, the online stores worked on it and are successfully give the best services. They are still working on providing better service by improving their return policies and much more.

    You might know how hellish it is to shop in the holiday season. With online shopping, you do not need to wait in lines or deal with the massive rush of people. You can get you stuff at your doorsteps with ease.

    Final Feedback

    Online shopping still seems very futuristic. It is beyond the human mind how people have solved a significant time management issue. Online shopping is most convenient for the working class. Because they have the least amount of time to spare for something as time-consuming as shopping.

  • 5 things to buy in March

    March is a great month to buy certain kinds of things. Now is the time to look for all kinds of useful deals. Things like seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as sports gear and luggage go on sale right now. Savvy shoppers should step up and go for it. They'll benefit with items they really need.

    A Cruise

    If you're headed off on vacation, this is a great time to book a cruise. Known as "wave season," is the time when cruise industry officials try to get people to book a vacation. In order to bring people on board, they offer all sorts of discounts. Think of this Black Friday only for an entire three months until the end of March. It's a good time for anyone to snatch up a deal for the vacation destination they've been thinking about all year long.

    New Televisions

    This also tends to be a good month to buy lots of different kinds of electronics. Many companies offer large discounts in an effort to get rid of existing inventory and bring in new items. Television sets often go on sale during this time of the year. If there's something you've been wanting to get a brand new screen, this is the time to consider examining models and bringing one home.

    A Nice Set of Luggage

    Luggage is a nice thing to have on hand. You can take your luggage and hit that cruise ship vacation in style. As this is a something of an off season or a shoulder season in many parts of the world, demand for travel items like luggage tends to be decreased. Fewer travelers means fewer buyers. Luggage companies tend to respond by offering large discounts for their clients. A careful examination will often reveal lots of different kinds of luggage types for people of all ages and travel plans.

    Winter Sports Gear

    With winter winding down, sports companies want to get rid of their excess inventory. This means large discounts on all kinds of items related to winter. Shoppers will find things such as snowboards and skiing equipment at reduced prices. This is a good choice for a bargain for those who are planning to travel to places that tend to have snow all year long. Chains that sell sporting goods want to make way for their new summer items. They're happy to allow shoppers to enjoy large discounts on all winter related thing.

    Great Fruit and Vegetables

    Now marks a deep transition from winter to spring. This is true of the kind of fruit and vegetables that are available for purchase. Pineapple lovers can find this fruit in season now ready and waiting for anything they have in mind. Other vegetables are at peak freshness and less expensive in March. Artichokes, leeks, mushrooms, radishes and parsnips are just some of the fresh vegetables ripe for your enjoyment. Roast them or create a fabulously flavorful salad for lunch.

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