• Your 2020 Holiday Shopping Guide

    Holiday shopping time is approaching quickly

    To make it easier we have developed a unique shopping guide to take some of the guess work out of gift giving. We have also included some very handy tips to help make gift purchasing just a little less stressful.

    Create a list

    Make a list of items for each recipient well before shopping and sales begin. This list should begin with the pickiest recipient and continue down to the easiest. This way that picky recipient will be taken off of the list first, which makes the rest of it easy to accomplish. Knowing what the recipient likes or needs makes shopping or planning for them easier as well.
    If someone seems to have it all it might be better to stick to the general shopping guide suggestions outlined below.

    Here are some Apps to Guide you

    Today, there are many gift guides software apps like Giftster, Santa's Bag, Christmas Gift List, Gift it, and of course Amazon's always reliable Gift Organizer to help keep track of those on a gift list, the types of gifts you purchase, cost and location of where they were purchased.

    Women over 40

    The best gifts for this age bracket fall into the accessories or jewelry category. A beautiful but simple necklace or even a scarf could make their day just right. If their ears are pierced they may even love to receive a pair of pearl earrings. Click here for 25 more great gift suggestions from Woman's Day!

    Men over 40

    Men are usually easy to please when it comes to gift receiving. These males appreciate gifts that provide comfort or make their lives easier. A handsome pair of leather gloves makes touching an ice cold steering wheel much easier in the winter months.

    He may also appreciate a new wallet, scarf, or even a new tie.


    These gifts are traditional, but always seem to be welcomed. Check out Esquire's blog on gifts for some more inspiration on what to buy the man of the house!


    Teens love gift cards. This way they can pick out their own style or items they like. They appreciate the chance to be able to shop for themselves and these cards make that possible.


    This item doesn't have to be just given in a card though.



    Gift cards can be placed between the wrappers of a giant candy bar, put in a gift basket filled with stationary supplies if the teen loves art, or even put in the bottom of a stocking filled with goodies. Again, there are so many unique and fun ways to give this type of gift.


    Pay Attention to Pre-Holiday Sales

    The closer to the Holiday we come, the bigger the sale frenzy! All your favorite online and in store retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Wayfair, Sam's Club will be offering never before found discounts an all things gift and holiday related. The top categories being Tech, Fashion, and home.

    Holiday shopping does not have to be as stressful as it was in the past. With the tips and suggestions outlined in this little shopping guide we hope we have helped to make this holiday season just a little easier!

    Readers, do you have any tips on gift giving? Please share your feedback below.

  • Cold Creams for the Winter That You Should Stock Up Right Now

    As winters are on their way it’s the best time to stock up the cold creams because they are as much needed as the warm clothes. If you don’t want to go out of stock during the winter storms start stocking up your cold creams.

    Why cold creams are necessary

    Our skin gets sensitive in winter and skincare becomes necessary to avoid any skin rashes or dryness. As we layer up warm clothes it is also important to layer up the moisturizing lotion, cold cream, or vanishing cream. They protect your skin from the harshness of cold and prevent you from any rashes. Cold and dry air sucks the oil from your skin and it gets dry which at certain points starts itching. The skin gets all reddened and patchy which doesn’t look too good. Using cold creams keep you away from any such skin problems and help you maintain your beauty throughout winter.

    Why Stock Up Cold Creams for Winter Season?

    The winter storms get worse sometimes and take away any chance of going out. In that condition, if we are not stocked up with the necessary items it would get difficult for us. Moisturizing lotions, lip balms, weather guards, moisturizing serums, and cleansers should be stocked up to avoid skin problems. Mostly, women are the most conscious about skincare, they should specifically, start stocking up cold creams.

    Cold cream

    As the winter arrives cold cream becomes your best friend. It keeps your skin soft throughout the winter season and protects the skin from any kind of dryness. Skincare is considered most important because it defines you and it won’t leave a good impression if your skin is in a bad condition. Pond’s Cold cream has got that covered. It has been recommended by dermatologists as well and it won’t clog your pores. It would be wise of you to stock it up because it is the right time!

    Weather guard

    The dry and cold weather of winter sucks away all the skin fluids and makes your skin dry that ends up being itchy and patchy. It doesn’t matter how much makeup you put on to cover that, the dried-out skin doesn’t let the makeup stay and the face starts looking horrible. Weather guard is a barrier cream for skin that keeps your skin safe from skin problems. Do not take any risk of not stocking it up, because it is going to be your knight in the shining armor in this winter.


    To prevent the skin from getting stretchy after it gets dry, and to avoid the itchiness, moisturizing lotions and serums are recommended. They keep the skin soft and smooth. Pond’s face moisturizing lotion and body moisturizing lotion can be your go-to winter products. Other than lotions, fresh seaberry moisturizing face oil can also be helpful for skincare.


    Don’t put your skin at risk and a wise step to stock up what can protect your skin from the brutality of cold weather. Make a list and start shopping. There won’t be anything better than that. Take some time off from your busy routine and do something for your skin. Your face and your hands, specifically, never get unnoticed, so do something to keep them safe in the weather that is just around the corner.

  • Upcoming Smartphone Supporting the All-New Android 11 Software- Check ‘em out

    Keeping up with digital advancement is what people prefer, and why not? Smartphones with high-tech software are hitting the shelves soon. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss on this newbie.

    An Android Update in a nutshell

    It is basically an operating system for mobile phones that is sponsored by Google. Specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, it is based on various open-source software. It was first launched in 2008, and it has been the best-selling operating system since 2011, globally. Today it has 2 billion monthly users and 2.9 million apps on Google Play Store.

    Launching Android 11: Preview

    Android has always kept us updated to the latest technology, from 5G to foldable displays; it never disappoints its users. It has now launched the preview of the upcoming android 11 software, which is definitely going to leave you awestruck. With all-new latest features to help users keep up with the latest innovations, it is keeping a tight rein on users’ privacy. It is coming up with new features that will help access to sensitive files, keeping in check the security of the operating system. Innovation has no end at all!

    Latest Innovations

    Incoming the impressive features that android 11 is going to provide you with. You’d never want to miss on this latest innovation that only android has come up with, yet.

    • Android 11 software provides you with a hinge sensor that will communicate with the apps to make them behave accordingly. Through this, software development companies will create apps for android foldable devices which will let you experience according to the angle of the hinge.
    • It will provide you 5G API through which developers will identify if the user is connected with 5G New Radio or Non-stand-alone network.
    • Call screening API improvement will allow the call screen apps to be able to report the reason for call rejection. These apps will also check if the incoming/outgoing calls are from/to a saved number.
    • Android emulator camera support will be able to support both rear and front emulated camera devices.
    • Android 11 software will allow each app or game to set a preferred rate, opened in each window.
    • Scoped storage will manage cached files better.
    • It will allow the apps to resume after reboot. It means that they will function normally after reboot.
    • It will have a built-in screen recorder to make screen recording convenient for you.
    • Android 11 software will let you mute a notification while video recording.
    • There has been added a new feature in this android version that will keep you from missed taps and scrolls. As sometimes the touch sensitivity misses some taps due to screen -protector. It will increase touch sensitivity to keep you from that.
    • It has a feature that will trace the Covid-19 suspects and in Android 11 software the Exposure notification API will be automatically turned on.

    Smartphones Supporting Android 11 Software

    Though Xiaomi and OPPO have confirmed that they will receive Android 11 beta, soon. But at the moment, only Google and the latest OnePlus phones will let you use Android 11 beta.

    Some of those phones which are currently eligible for Android 11 beta are:

    Google Pixel 2 XL

    Google Pixel 3a XL

    Google Pixel 4

    OnePlus 8 Pro

    Xiaomi Mi 10


    Android 11: Release date

    Due to Covid-19, the release date of this android has been postponed three times. It has been nearly impossible to launch this version! Nonetheless, everyone wants to lay their hands on this “latest innovation” version of android. The last beta version was launched in August and now it is expected that the stable version will finally be updated in September.

    Amazon has made it easy for you to stay up-to-date about any operating system updates. You can check them out on the given links.

    Latest software update

    Android upgrade

    What do you think about the latest Android 11 system? Would you try it out when it finally launches? Let us know your thoughts on the matter!

  • Amazon Prime Day 2020 shows great promise: Sellers Prepare!

    If you think that 2020 isn’t a good year so far, you might not have heard of Amazon Prime day. We accept the fact that Prime day is delayed a bit due to COVID-19, but it is worth the wait. Maybe, we can count on the October rumors? If it is so, we have enough time to prepare for the biggest shopping event.

    What is amazon prime day?

    Prime day is the largest shopping event held every year, since 2015, for prime subscribers. In the beginning, the prime day was a 24-hour event in which hundreds of items were put on sale by Amazon. Due to the massive response, in 2019 it lasted for 48 hours. Yes, you read it right, 48 hours of unlimited discounted online shopping! Are you excited? So are we! All you have to do is go and subscribe to Amazon prime right away. Here’s a secret: There is a 30-day free trial that is good to take advantage of Amazon prime day 2020!

    Sellers, we need your attention!

    Amazon is the top-notch e-commerce platform for sellers, so you can’t take a risk to miss this opportunity. If you want the best experience, here are a few tips:

    Prepare yourself in advance.

    You need to get your proper research done by the prime day. The competition in today’s online market is not concealed. You have to keep your prices in accordance with the prices of competitors. Search and re-price your items.


    Inventory management.

    Make sure that you have enough inventory for the online selling event of the year. Doing this will help you a lot in the long run. You will be aware of what you could sell. Ignoring this point is like missing opportunities.

    Hire a worker.

    Don’t get fooled by the idea that you can manage the sale alone, trust me, it’s hard. Ask anyone to help you execute your task and to make it easier for you.


    Again, market competition is tough. Taking it easy will not be the correct decision. To make your deals unique, you have to work on your promotions. Make them creative and attractive.


    Is prime day worth selling?

    Sellers, you might be wondering what’s different about Prime day. Since it is one of the largest online shopping events, it is the most anticipated one of the year. The customers do not want to bear the loss by missing the retail sales holiday. The more they shop, the more you can sell.

    How to uplift your best-selling rank?

    Well, saving money and making money is the demand of time. The customers compare the prices and do proper research. What you have to do is price your items lower than your competitors. Free tip: If you need to get rid of the items in your inventory, you can adjust the sales price to clear your inventory, which can uplift your best-selling rank.

    Lastly, due to the global pandemic, people haven’t done enough shopping and their craving for shopping is justified. Just as your craving to sell products! Amazon prime day is worth the hype. Learn how to list a best-selling product by looking at the deals we’ve researched for you. Happy selling!

    Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Alexa Echo Dot Smart Speaker

    Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera


    What do you think about this opportunity? Would you suggest Amazon to your friends and family? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter, so leave a comment down below!

  • Support online charity, show that you care on Online Charity Day


    Charity helps raise money to support those who are in need. It is a voluntary act to aid humanity. Not everyone can make ends meet- poverty doesn’t allow it. We must support unfortunate people wherever they are, whenever we can.

    The Importance of Charity

    Charity is for the benefit of the public. Here are a few virtues of Charity:

    1. Charity helps in overcoming poverty. If the rich do charity, it benefits the poor to feed themselves and their children.

    2. Who does not feel happy by doing something good? To help someone makes you feel satisfied, and you become more positive towards everything.


    1. Have you ever heard of the popular phrase ‘Giving is receiving’? This is how it works. The more you give, the more you get, it may in terms of happiness, satisfaction, or spiritual growth. It’s good karma!


    1. Giving charity encourages others to give too. Say it, your family, children, or friends.


    What is an online charity day?

    Online charity or fundraising is done online via internet on various donation pages to help the ones in need. On this giving day, people donate to non-profit fundraising organizations.


    When is online charity day?

    Let’s agree on the fact that every day is a charity day if you are willing to give. But the day specified for online charity in the US is 5th September, every year.


    The needy need you

    There are many problems in our society that need to be addressed. Namely, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and other factors like that which affect the lower class of society devastatingly. To overcome these problems you can help as much as you can.



    You can save someone’s life

    People who have a serious illness such as anemia, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, or any other severe disease, may need your help. What if they can not afford better hospitals or treatments? You can save their life by donating the least you can. Head towards charity and change someone’s life.


    Global giving organization

    Just giving



    How to support an online charity?

    You can use social media websites to give your support from home. It’s better for your health too because the virus is in the air. In today’s world, the importance of social media in our society is not concealed. You can support your favorite charity organization by sharing their website on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or where ever you easily can. If you make a charity, tell your friends and family to do that too. You can even write a blog post for your favorite organization to raise general public awareness. Reduce the cost online charities have to spend marketing themselves!

    t takes nothing to help someone. On World Charity Day, have a big heart for those having it rough. The act of giving will help no one but you in the long run. What are your thoughts on World Charity Day? Drop a comment down below!

  • The COVID-19 Tracking Tool: Updates From Apple, Android, And Google

    COVID-19 has been the ultimate challenge for us, and we must solve this problem united. Although the virus seems to have calmed down, it has spread a wave of uncertainty among the people. There is still no authentic way to research the death toll, recoveries, and total cases caused by the virus as no one can effectively keep track of it. With this kind of confusion, no one knows whether it has become safer or worse. Most students are hoping for an answer that will decide whether they attend a school or not. Many schools have opened in the US, and parents have had mixed opinions regarding the measure. Corona cases are spreading among children like a wildfire causing a threat to them and their elders.

    The Digital Masterminds Of 2020

    Being from the digital era, we tackle everything with technology. Apple, Android, and Google have partnered up for a good cause during this horrifying period that has taken about 809 thousand lives as we speak. The franchises aim on providing the community with an effortless way to prevent the spread of the deadly pathogen. Just read on below!

    The Contact tracing app

    Good news for all those eager to learn if it is safe near them or with their loved ones! The contact tracing app can search the area around you for active COVID cases. This is not a new app, though. Apple, Android, and Google have made enhanced this feature to make it flawless. Unfortunately, there are many contact tracing app scams on the play store as well. Fear no more! Only the apps approved by google and apple will be available on the AppStore to ensure its legitimacy. Not only that, but public prevention authorities are also working on a way to ensure consumer privacy as this app would work best when more people download it. It also helps disease investigators study dangerous situations that could potentially spread a virus.

    Bluetooth-Based Tracing

    They are working on a broader Bluetooth based tracing system that could search Corona cases at a larger radius. So, this system will warn people about where to travel and where not to. Not only would a larger radius be a better alert, but it would also ease human interaction if people decide to do so. Everyone at Apple, Google, and Android is setting their differences aside and working together as one because “there has never been a more important moment to work together to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems”.

    The Power Of Unity

    With close co-operation, the government and public health providers are harnessing the power of technology to help countries around the world. This information is being spread all around through the help of multiple news and marketing companies such as BBC news.

    What do you think of the contact tracing app? Would you be an active user of the app when it is finalized? Let’s hear your opinions in the comments below!

  • The Best Website Builders In 2020 For Freelancers

    Nowadays you can easily publish essays, articles, and stories online and hassle-free without the need to legally create your own websites. Well, that’s good news for people who want to make money in the comfort of their own homes. Who wants to go around selling books on the streets, spending large sums of money to publish their work on newspapers or other people's websites? Nowadays you have apps or online sites where you can put up your work for free! In a recent Forbes article, it has been reported that the USA has been ranked as no.1 country with the highest of freelance earnings. There’s a whopping 78% growth in the industry!

    Freelancing Platforms

    There are 11 million people using apps like Fiverr, Upwork, and so on. These sites let people buy artwork, 3D logos, and even website content at different prices. The sellers add onto their portfolios and wallets while the buyers use content completely copyright free, may it be for a company or personal use. Why waste your talent when you can monetize your skills for a good amount of cash. Your funds can be transferred straight to your bank account or Paypal, and oh! Don’t forget the tips that are left for all those who make their work spot on.


    Amazon has started to encourage new writers to publish their books or novels on their site. This means that you can publish your book on amazon and sell it for as low as 1$ or as high as thousands of dollars. Amazon’s features also allow online biddings for the author’s benefit. If you are a newbie in the freelancing world, then you can publish some of your work for free too. It’s an easy way to get critique in the form of reviews from the reader! This makes room for improvements and furthers your resume as a writer. It has been estimated that there have been 3.4 million books published on Amazon, so don’t miss the chance to read them in your free time.

    28 Summers Elin - HilderbrandElin Hilderbrand

    The Summer House - James Patterson, Brendan DuBois

    Party of Two - Jasmine Guillory


    Freelancing means that you are in control of your own contracts. You don’t have to deal with a boss or agency and there is no ranking system. All you need is hard work to rank your online profile! Freelancing platforms help skillful people display their talent to a group of buyers with a vast range of demands. These sites are the best for customers as well, it helps people find someone suitable for a particular area of work and hire them for a full-time job.

    What do you think about freelance platforms? Is freelancing a profitable industry, one that you would like to try out? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Updated Back To School Policies We Must Follow

    While the year 2020 has been difficult for everyone, children seem to be the most affected. Teenagers and adults have understood the sensitivity of the situation. Understandably, that is not the case with children. They stopped going to school all of a sudden and had to attend online classes. They must have had thousands of questions in their minds. Now that schools are opening again, they are most likely to ask these questions. What you need to do is handle them carefully and understand the back to school policies they have to follow to ensure they remain safe and healthy.

    No hugging!

    Keep in mind that your children would be meeting their friends after a long time. Hence, to show their affection, it is natural that they would want to hug their friends. The first back to school policy that you must follow is to ensure they don’t embrace their friends- at least for now. Remind them that the virus spreads through human contact. They might not even feel ill or anything, but they would still pass it on to someone else. When you talk to children about how their actions might become a cause of distress to other people, they usually react positively. So feel free to have a pep-talk with the little ones!

    Always wear masks

    One of the most effective ways of stopping the virus from spreading is wearing masks. That is why you have to teach your children how to wear masks properly. If your child still has some time before he or she starts going to school, you can ask him/her to wear the mask at home. This way, they would have gotten used to wearing the mask before going to school. By the time their school opens, they would have no problem following the policy. Do keep in mind that if your child is younger than 24 months of age, you must be careful about making him/her wear a mask because it may cause some health problems.

    Be an open children’s book

    There is no point in hiding the truth from children. They will learn the truth about the virus anyway, especially now that they are going to school. Their friend or their teachers might discuss it with them. Should you choose to avoid their questions and discussions that they deem essential, their anxiety will only increase. That is why it is imperative that you be honest and open with them. Please note that the type of conversation you are going to have with your children depends on their age. Be a wise parent!

    Sharing is not caring

    Most children would be surprised at the idea of not sharing something with their friends, especially if the back to school policy is coming from their parents. However, it is up to their parents to tell them how sharing is not caring these days. They shouldn’t touch anyone else’s food nor should they allow someone else to reach theirs.

    How do you plan on having a conversation with the young ones? Is there something you would like everyone else to know about parenting? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Smart Mall Scavenger Hunting For The 4th Of July

    A sale season gets all the shoppers on their knees, getting set, and ready to run before the stock finishes. However, if you’re not careful with your decisions, you might end up buying products you never really needed. Or, once you’ve spent your entire budget, you may come across a deal that you’ll regret not availing. To avoid such circumstances it is best if you come up with a list of products you want to buy on the 4th of July sales. Think of it being a scavenger hunt, for instance. You’ll be going mall scavenger hunting for the 4th of July! What are some products that are the most valuable to have yet had ridiculous prices all throughout the year?

    Sales You Can’t Miss Out On

    Being from the 21st century, we have to bring everything to the digital interface. Online web stores have 4th of July discounts for you to pick and choose from. Mall scavenger hunting for the 4th of July is possible with your virtual self, and it’s a relief. Here is a list of sales you should look out for on the 4th of July.

    Brooklyn Bedding

    Think about all the cozy, comfy nights you will have from buying beautiful, quality bedding. The best part is that your refreshing nights come with mental peace as well as the physical one. Enjoy 25% off sitewide from the 24th of July to the 6th of July. All in the name of independence!


    Here’s an amazing offer for you to stock up. You can get $200 off a mattress, and they’re throwing in a free duvet, plus two pillows and towels! This deal is a household blessing that you can avail of on your mall scavenger hunt for the 4th of July.


    We may have a winner in apparel here! Bandier is offering up to 70% off on all products. All you need to do is spend the day getting your wardrobe updated online.


    There is loads of competition when it comes to the infamous 4th of July. Jomashop will be hosting an 80% off sitewide sale for your mall scavenger hunting for the 4th of July!



    Furniture items have been put on independence day sales as well, and amazing ones, too. Wayfair presents its customers with incredible select outdoor, living room, office furniture, and so on at up to 70% off. You have till the 5th of July for this deal, so don’t let it go to waste!

    The Body Shop

    We can’t leave our precious skin unattended, there’s no doubt about that. The body shop is ready to go all this 4th of July. You can save up to 50% off on selected items. Give yourself a treat by including this sale in your mall scavenger hunt for the 4th of July.


    What do you think of these amazing deals? Have you planned to keep a budget aside for the 4th of July scavenger hunting this year? Let’s share our thoughts by having a community discussion in the comments section below.

  • 4th Of July Looks By The Fashion Industry

    Fourth of July is the celebration of our independence, and we all know that there’s no bolder industry out there but the fashion industry. Celebrities have it all- street style 4th of July looks, semi-formal, and all-out magnificent designs that scream America. The 4th of July looks that especially caught our eyes aren’t that desperate for attention but seem to be getting all of it. They’re classy, minimalist, and not cheesy at all. There are a few bolder designs out there as well, that make an impact on the audience. Let’s hear it for the best 4th of July looks by the fashion industry, shall we?

    Vogue Trending 4th Of July Looks

    The fashion industry is never complete without its vogue models. Some celebrities have gone online to show their take on the 4th of July looks. They have one thing in common, mostly - indifference to being strictly white, blue, and red. Get ready to be served with looks that don’t really need an American flag to be plastered on.

    Elsa Hosk’s Hawaiian Style

    Tie-dye is the new summer trend that has made its impact on the 4th of July looks as well. Elsa Hosk makes sure Hawaiian fashion hits the charts with her iconic outfits. Where else can you find the perfect shades of red, blue, and white, but the ocean in a sunset?

    Insta Viral Adut Akech

    This model has us all appalled over her sense of style. Her 4th of July look would be stolen by a huge number of people before the 4th is even here. It’s colorful, eloquent, and gives off the 4th of July vibe clearly for one who wants to see.

    Paloma Elsesser On The Beach

    Paloma gives us her insight on summer clothing by serving amazing, iconic 4th of July looks from the beach. Blues and whites together make for a classy option for the big day. It’s definitely worthy to be high up on your option charts for outfits.

    Some Products To Love USA

    Tretorn Rawlins 3 Sneaker - Urban Outfitters

    Combine a pair of sneakers with the festive colors of white, blue, and red, and you get this pair. These sneakers catch the eye and get people thinking whether you wore them for a 4th of July look or not. Turns out, you did, and can wear them all year long, too!

    Shashi Pool Necklace - Shopbop

    Are you an introvert, and can’t put yourself out there with an American flag bikini? Turns out, that’s the case with most of us. If you plan on going out to the beach, match your swimsuit with this beautiful necklace, beaded red, white, and blue.

    Would you be dressing up this 4th of July or not? Is the independence day a big day for you and your family? Tell us more about what you think!

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