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  • 10 Best Summer Fun Dresses

    When the warm, salty summer air begins to hits your skin, it is time to pull out your stash of must-have, warm-weather dresses. Whether you love baring your legs in a romantic floral fit-and-flare halter dress or prefer the sleek simplicity of a solid black maxi style, here is a list of the 10 best summer dresses for the 2018 fashion season.

    The Maxi Dress

    Arguably the single must-have dress for the 2018 warm-weather season is the maxi. Timeless and easy to wear, the maxi dress has a long and flowy silhouette that offers full body coverage. It is great to pack as a swimsuit cover-up as well.

    The Skater Dress

    Flippy, flirty and feminine, the skater dress features a fitted bodice and sleeve with a swing-style mini skirt. Its feminine and alluring style looks sophisticated when paired with sky-high stilettos. It can also be worn more casually with low-top sneakers and a denim jean jacket for a youthful vibe.

    The Sundress

    What sets the sundress apart from other styles is its ultra-thin spaghetti straps. Most sundresses have a relaxed silhouette and can hit anywhere from mini to maxi in length. Some button up in the front, while others come in stretchy fabrics with pull-on styling. The classic sundress looks great with a cute pair of ballet flats.

    Boho Dress

    If it is floral and gauzy with a relaxed silhouette and showcases bell sleeves, it is the season's must-have boho dress. The boho trend is all about femininity. Crochet accents, tassel fringe and square necklines are all common attributes of a chic boho-style dress. Wear this style with a pair of Chelsea boots for an unexpected twist this season.

    The Wrap Dress

    In solid basic black, a bold lipstick red or a vibrant geometric pattern, the signature wrap dress is a style that looks stunning on practically every woman. It accentuates the curves in a beautiful way, and it is the perfect day-into-night dress.

    The Shirtdress

    Another timeless classic that offers a lot of year-round versatility is the shirtdress. Featuring a button-front style, this straightforward dress can be worn belted as a dress or left open and worn over jeans with a tank top as a duster cardigan.

    The Slip Dress

    In silk or satin, this simple style of dress is all over the runway this season. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion, and it takes up virtually no room in a suitcase.

    The Midi Dress

    This calf-length style has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its modest silhouette makes it the perfect choice for the office.

    The One-Shoulder Dress

    Asymmetrical and eye-catching, the one-shoulder dress has a look that exudes confidence and sophistication. Whether you are heading to Tahiti or the local market, you will look stunning in this head-turning piece.

    The LBD

    The little black dress is a timeless choice for any season. Every woman needs to have at least one LBD in her closet; it is the go-to pick for casual or dressy events.

  • 2018 Interesting Best Selling Beauty Products.

    It's summer 2018 and the hottest products both online and off are all about self-care and living your best life. With social media taking our beauty and fitness standards to new heights, it only makes sense that all of us are buying what the Internet is selling.

    From false eyelashes to charcoal masks, consumers are buying health and beauty products now more than ever before. Whether you're looking to get in on this market as a seller or simply wondering what's trending right now, you'll see that these seven items are more popular than ever before.

    1. Beard Oil

    Beards have been on the rise in part due to social media. As more men start to grow their facial hair, there has been an increased need for proper beard grooming products. Enter the beard oil. Some of the bestselling beard oils are from relatively new companies that are taking advantage of the ever-expanding market.

    2. Charcoal Masks

    Charcoal masks are a particular item that has been selling quickly both online and offline. Whether you're looking on Instagram or walking through the aisles of your local drugstore, you're bound to see someone selling a charcoal face mask. These products advertise the use of activated charcoal to help detoxify and purify the skin.

    3. Products for Balayage

    Balayage is seriously trending right now. This hair coloring technique takes ombre to the next level by using highlights to boost volume and vibrancy. Instagram users that are going the DIY route have been purchasing balayage products for at-home use to get the look on their own.

    4. Body Wipes

    Men's hygiene is on the rise right now with many products targeted towards men's health and beauty. These popular body wipes are no different. These specific wipes are known as "dude wipes" and advertised to men as a way to aid in their hygienic routine.

    5. Silicone Makeup Sponges

    Makeup has yet to go out of style and the same can be said of their companion products. Silicone makeup sponges are ever-popular on social media and in person as they are the go-to for most makeup artists when it comes to applying makeup. These tiny brushes can be used for cream or liquid makeup to make applying the makeup a mess-free and smudge-free experience.

    6. Anti-Cellulite Cup

    This anti-cellulite cup trend is taking off on the web. Consumers use this suction cup to help reduce any cellulite on their legs. The cup works to target cellulite in the affected area, allowing the legs to eventually appear cellulite free.

    7. Fake Eyelashes

    Fake eyelashes have been a beauty world staple for a while but are now massively trending. As they are used in almost every makeup tutorial and by almost any celebrity, fake eyelashes are one of the best selling products in today's market.

    Trends come and go, but this summer 2018, these products are not going anywhere. Use this quick guide to help you stay in the know of what's in this summer.

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