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  • 15 handicap discounts you can get in 2020

    If you are handicapped, you can save money on a variety of services. However, what might not be obvious is that throughout 2020, companies in nearly every industry are committed to offering you significant discounts, allowing a multitude of your basic living, health, and luxury needs to be met and help improve your quality of life.


    1. U.S. National Park Service

    For people with disabilities, the US National Park Service offers a free park pass that provides access to any United States national park. Fees for park entry typically run between $15.00 to $30.00 per vehicle per park, and this pass typically costs $80.00 for all parks. As such, it is a valuable discount for anyone with a handicap.

    Health products

    2. Pan Foundation

    Handicap people have special needs that typically come at a high cost because treating or assisting people with special needs requires special medication or expertise. The Pan Foundation focuses on helping people with medical costs and pharmacy bills. If you are handicapped, you can receive discounts for co-pays and medications.

    3. Amy Van Dyken Foundation

    For people with disabilities, this foundation offers free medical equipment. Although this service provides discounts on equipment that can cost thousands of dollars, the discount is specifically for people with injuries involving the spinal cord.

    4. MTS Medical Supply

    Discounts on such things as wheelchairs and handrails are available via the program run by MTS Medical Supply. For example, if you are handicapped, you can purchase a $90 bed rail for $60, saving you 33 percent.


    5. Sun Metro

    Handicapped passengers of Sun Metro receive a whopping 70-percent discount on all fares.

    6. Amtrak

    You can save 10 percent on train travel via Amtrak's disability savings program. Additionally, accompanying children can save up to 50 percent.

    7. LeeTran

    Most national bus companies offer discounts for children and students but not to handicapped people. However, LeeTran offers discounted fares on all LeeTran buses. All you have to do is show your identification card.

    8. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority

    This transit authority offers handicapped individuals travel savings throughout the Hillsborough area. The savings program must be renewed every six months.

    9. Pacific Surfliner

    Available to individuals with a disability, this savings program offers savings of 15 percent on train travel throughout the west coast. To qualify, all you have to do is select "Passenger with Disability" when you book your travel and enter "V577" as the promotion code.


    10. Mystic Seaport

    Handicapped individuals can receive a 50-percent discount to this maritime museum. The museum also offers affordable wheelchair rentals and adaptive strollers.

    11. Dollywood

    This discount involves free admission to select rides, but the option of also receiving priority boarding means you do not have to wait in line. In this instance, not having to wait might be more fun than the free admission.


    12. Salvation Army

    For the handicapped, Salvation Army offers bill-pay assistance, which actually puts money in your hands. Additionally, you can receive discounts on meal programs and rent.

    13. U.S. Department of Energy

    Throughout 2020, handicapped individuals can receive discounts on heaters and air conditioners. Additionally, they can provide free inspections on existing systems.


    14. AT&T

    For a 25-percent savings on service plans, all you need to do is sign up for phone service. Additionally, you receive savings on various plan features and add-ons.


    15. ClubGo

    ClubGo is a savings network that helps people with disabilities save up to 60 percent on hotel reservations.

  • Great sales on Winter items!

    It can be hard to feel chic and confident during the coldest months of the year. If you want to look fashionable and free in January, February and March, however, you no longer have to feel restricted. That's because there are more exciting wintry clothing options than ever before. Remember, too, that looking like you're straight out of a fashion magazine doesn't have to cost you a steep sum of money. That's due to the fact that we can tell you about terrific deals on many wintertime essentials.


    The frigid season is in full swing now. That's precisely why we have some amazing and irresistible bargains waiting for you. If you try to buy coats, jackets and scarves prior to the colder months arriving, then you may have to set aside a lot of cash. If you try to buy these exact same items in the middle of the season, though, you can often score big on your savings at Old Navy.

    Do you want to feel warm and toasty? Do you want to look like a million dollars at the same exact time? If you do, then you should take the time right now to check out these incredible and undeniable wintertime deals. These deals are ideal for all kinds of wintertime "must-haves." It's worth it to invest in a snug coat from Urban Outfitters that will keep you feeling fantastic all day and all night long.

    You don't have to assume that buying gloves has to be costly. We go above and beyond to dazzle our customers with wintertime bargains from Columbia that are basically impossible to deny. If you want to slash your wintertime shopping expenses dramatically, then all you have to do is pay our deal website a visit.

    If you have any questions that involve wintertime clothing piece and accessory deals, don't hesitate for a second to pose them to our welcoming and knowledgeable team members. Our team members can give you all of the details you need to make informed choices. If you want to find a jacket deal that offers superb value, we can help you do so. If you want to locate a sweater or sweatshirt bargain that will enable you to sleep a lot better each night, we can help you do so as well. There's no wintertime clothing or accessory topic that's too sophisticated for our crew.

    Do you want to revel in the joys of the winter season? If you do, then you have to make ample warmth a priority. It can even help to make your style approach a priority. Reach out to our renowned website as soon as you can to learn more about our fantastic winter deals.

  • Keep Stylish and Warm, 5 Top Selling Items to Help You Do This

    Winter calls for a lot of layering, but don’t let the season discourage your fashion goals. Who says you can’t stay warm and look trendy all winter? It takes finding the right winter fashion essentials to enjoy both worlds. As you are reinventing your fashion sense this winter, take care to consider temperature ranges when choosing stylish outfits. Of course, you want to bring out your smartest personality, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your health.

    Scarf: Warm Chic Layering

    So, everyone can agree that a scarf is a must-have this winter. It will protect your neck, chest, and face against the forces of frigid winds. While you are exploring your choice of scarves to complete your outfits, remember to get something spiffy, adaptable, and functional. The right style scarf will keep you cozy and fashionable at the same time. This Vince Comuto chic scarf and beanie at Nordstrom rack features at just $8.74!

    Treat Your Hands To Some Comfy Trendy Gloves

    Gloves are another essential winter accessory you shouldn’t forget when you venture outside this season. What’s interesting is that winter gloves are getting smarter by the season. With society being so social media-forward, not being able to use your connected devices with gloves is a deal-breaker. Designers are quite thoughtful these days, making sleek winter gloves that allow you to use your gadgets, especially touch devices effortlessly. Check out these touchscreen gloves on Amazon! It makes you want to wear gloves more than going bare-handed in the cold!

    What To Love About Beanies This Winter

    The evolution of beanie fashion is epoch-making, giving wearers a refreshing perspective on how to accessorize this winter season. Today, you have fabric options such as snugly wool blends, fleece, lambswool, acrylic, fur, and so forth. It’s the perfect addition to up your winter fashion while keeping your ears warm and protected. Also, your head will fit in it so snugly; it’ll become your favorite winter headpiece. With modern styles, you can casually wear beanies with any outfit of your choice these days. So, whichever themes speak to you, hand-crafted pom-poms, round shapes, French-inspired berets, or something intriguing; beanies take your winter fashion to new heights.

    Choosing the Perfect Winter Jacket

    Winter jackets are a big decision. You must consider all the elements; frigid temperatures, snow, wind, and so forth when choosing your perfect winter jacket. You want to make sure it boasts all the necessary insulation features, yet so fashion-forward, it lifts your confidence. The best-performing winter jackets are versatile, comfortable, well-insulated, and sophisticated. Fleece styles are trending this winter. You have a lot to appreciate when you wear these because of durability, comfort, and some are even wind-resistant. You can easily find yourself loving outdoors in these jackets. If you want something less weighty, consider a lighter layering down jacket. These have advanced insulation and stretchable, light, stitchless fabric, which is less likely to restrict movement.

    Comfortable Winter Boots

    Who says no to boots? Winter is the perfect season to show off your boot game. Water-resistant winter boots are incredible because it keeps your feet dry when it’s drizzling outside. Whether you prefer knee-high boots or standard heights, you want something stylish, slip-resistant, and comfortable to survive the winter. Getting a practical, fashionable style is sometimes challenging, depending on your preference. Check out the best-rated winter boots online now!

  • What sales can we expect on Valentines day?

    Valentine's Day Sales Statistics

    According to the National Retail Federation in Washington, D.C., retail sales for most Valentine's Days in the past averaged nearly $14 billion dollars. Much of what is spent is for flowers, candy, romantic dinners, lingerie and jewelry.

    However, 2020 sales are expected to reach $20.7 billion with individual spending at an average of $161.96.

    It should also be noted that the number of people who celebrate this holiday have decreased. Also, those under the age of 35 years old are not celebrating Valentines Day the way those over the age of 35 do.

    According to the National Retail Federation Interestingly between 11 and 17 percent of people will purchase gift cards. This indicates this is a holiday that goes deeply into personal feelings and emotions and the cost of gifts.

    Online vs. In Store Shopping
    With the busy world we live in today, it is surprising that only 28 percent of sales will be done online vs. 38 percent of sales finalized in department stores for Valentines Day.

    Some consumers are finding other ways to present gifts to loved ones. These include concert tickets or a day at a spa.

    What Retailers Can Expect on Valentine's Day

    Retailers can expect sales to increase by about $3 billion more than was spent in 2019. The quirky issue is that on an individual spending basis, consumers will spend less for gifts in 2020 than the previous year.

    These figures point out changes in the kinds of purchases made by consumers. For example, florists find that while Mothers' Day and Easter show a boost in sales, Valentine's Day shows the biggest sales for an annual holiday. For retailers like FTD and Teleflora, men represent those who are most likely to buy flowers. As a result, some retailers refer to the holiday jokingly as "Galintines Day."

    The Society of American Florists reports that "29 percent of adults purchased flowers or plants as gifts for Valentines Day 2009—of these, 58 percent were men and 42 percent were women."

    Preparing for Expected Sales
    For many retailers preparations for Valentine's Day begins within weeks after Christmas. This is the time to implement creative, festive ads, promotions and discounts that attract customers to department stores and websites.

    Sales Strategies to Consider
    For same day holiday buyers, however, sales strategies need to address adequate stocks and supplies of chocolates, flowers, candy and to encourage personalized gifts well in advance of the holiday.

    To increase retail sales, it is necessary to review the prior year's sales and factor in 2020 changes to buying habits in order to calculate the need for increases in supplies and staffing.

    Offer additional holiday "extras" such as gift wrapping, gift baskets made in your own store and set up a store consultant to help customers choose gifts.

    Avoid Same Day Sales Problems
    Most florists experience same day sales on Valentine's Day as opposed to other holidays where order are placed a week or more for floral arrangements for gifts. Don't forget to place sales ads in highly visible local sources.

    For online sales of gifts, send a business Valentine's Day card that increases traffic to your website through social media posts and blogs.

  • 5 Things That Will Be Cheaper In 2020

    People that have been saving their money and waiting for a price drop on certain things are going to be amazed by the deals that they are able to find in 2020. There are certainly some things that are going to cost
    less than before because economies of scale have changed, and a lot of this has to do with technology.

    1. Portable Hard Drives

    Portable drives are going to cost even less in 2020 than these devices have been before. More people are utilizing cloud storage. A lot of websites are giving people access to free drives
    in the cloud so they are utilizing fewer portable hard drives to save and transfer their files.

    2. Wired Headphones

    It's hard to go to any mall or gym and not see a parade of teenagers walking around with Bluetooth compatible headphones that have no wires. This is great for the consumer that is looking for headphones at lower prices. The Bluetooth headphones are trendy, but these headphones and air pods are also expensive. People that have been waiting for some of their favorite wired
    headphones to become cheaper are finally going to get their wish as more consumers flock towards wireless headphones.

    3. DVD/CD

    People that still want their physical DVD or CD for entertainment purposes are going to find these prices much lower as well. There is a shift in the culture where a lot of people are streaming. More people are also looking at the comeback of vinyl. The LP is something of a novelty again, and people are finding themselves paying more for an LP than they are for a compact disc. This is the reverse of how things were when the compact disc was initially released to the public.

    The DVD is also cheaper because more people are into streaming movies and shows. There are some stores that are even providing DVD box sets for whole seasons of shows for less than $5. This is almost unheard of, but even the Dollar tree stores are selling Blu-ray DVDs for consumers for a $1.

    4. Smart Phones

    The smartphone market continues to evolve, and people that are interested in smartphones would definitely be able to get these devices for less. There are a number of different types of smartphone models on the market, and the acceleration of the new updates for these phones is always changing. New smartphones are being released in less than a year's time. This means that this constant change in phones is going to result in a surplus in older models. This means that these phones are going to be discounted.

    5. Food Delivery Services

    The concept of food delivery service is also something that is evolving. More people are looking at apps and their ability to order things online. Abundant food delivery lead to more competition, and food delivery services will become cheaper because there is no monopoly. Customers will have more options, and they can choose the low cost options.

  • Until when can you return gifts?

    When Christmas comes around there is a lot of gift giving, but one of the busiest days is the day after Christmas. This is the time when people start looking for opportunities to bring back the gifts that they do not want. Some people will wonder how many days they have to do returns. It all depends on the policy of the store.


    Walmart is one of the more lenient stores when it comes to policies on refunds. People that get gifts from this store can come in with returns at any time. As long as the item scans in the register there is no time frame that will void a returned gift item. There are some limits, however, in terms of the amount that can be received on the item if the price changes. If, for example, a gifted item gets marked down as a result of a price rollback or a clearance sale this item is going to scan with the new lower price. That means that it is a better idea to return the item as soon as possible in order to receive a full discount.

    The Standard For Many Other Stores

    In most cases there are people that are returning to stores that are going to be bringing back items that are part of a 30-day return policy. This tends to be the standard policy for most stores. That means that there are more people that going to be looking for opportunities to bring back the presents before this window of opportunity closes.

    It really helps to be conscious of the time line in which the gifts are able be returned. Some people will find themselves with a gift that can't be returned because the window has passed without their acknowledgement. There are people that buy things online that they will be returning in stores. Getting this information beforehand is the best way to ensure that money is not lost on a gift that is too small or too tight.

    Limited Returns

    There are other stores that have more of a limit policy for the customer gift returns. These are going to be the stores that have a 14-day policy for returning products, and there may also be certain specifications about the condition of the products as well. It is best to call the stores in these cases and get precise information about how these policies are going to work.

    Time Of Purchase

    The most important thing that anyone should know when it comes to returns is that there are going to be presents that have been purchased long before Christmas Day. That is why people should work on returning the presents as soon as possible. When people make these returns earlier they have a better chance of getting their money back in full. There are family members and friends that are considerate enough to provide return receipts to make the process easier for those that are unsure of how much time they have.

  • The best home gym equipment for the new year!

    Deciding on the right equipment for your home gym can be challenging. Additionally, although there are a variety of options, choosing workout equipment requires you to consider such things as the quality and versatility of the equipment while also considering your own fitness needs.

    1. Flybird Adjustable Bench

    The adjustable bench from Flybird was specially designed with the expert guidance of fitness professionals. Constructed of commercial steel, this bench provides a stable workout as well as a 500-pound weight capacity. Moreover, this bench provides four seated positions and six back positions, allowing you to enjoy a variety of workouts. You can also adjust the bench to lie flat, giving you the ability to target additional areas during your workout routine.

    In terms of comfort, at 1.8 inches thick, the padding provides firm yet soft support. Finally, this bench folds, making storage easy in smaller workout areas.

    2. First Place Mini Band XL

    If you are looking to add some variety to your home workout and have limited space, you should consider these mini workout bands from Amazon. Perfect for both upper and lower workouts, these resistance bands help you target specific areas, such as your hips and shoulders.

    These resistance bands come with seven detailed exercises that guide you through the proper preparations as well as the entire exercise routine, which provides you a solid foundation to get you started.

    3. Weider Ultimate Body Works

    If you are looking for a multi-purpose workout bench, you should consider the Ultimate Body Works bench from Weider. The versatile design allows you to infuse your current workout with new and challenging routines. For instance, this bench includes a rolling seat that slides back and forth, and this mobility allows you to perform fluid movements you cannot achieve with a conventional bench.

    Another great feature is the inclined platform, which allows you to easily adjust the bench to your size, strength level, and workout goals.

    The included stretchy bands can help you take your workout to a new level as they provide up to 50 pounds of increased weight resistance beyond your current body weight. Finally, the workout guide provides expert guidance, making this bench an undeniable powerhouse among workout benches as it provides everything you require.

    4. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

    The upright exercise bike from Exerpeutic is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to shed pounds and improve their overall cardiovascular health. For instance, this upright bike will support up to 300 pounds, is designed to allow for quick and easy access for you to get on and off safely, and comes with a large and amply cushioned seat for maximum comfort.

    For an individualized workout, you can simply choose between the eight available levels of magnetic tension. This bike's large display allows you to easily track your progress and includes workout information, such as speed, calories burned, and distance. You can also monitor your heart rate via the pulse sensors. Finally, this bike folds, allowing for easy storage in any home gym.

  • Upgrade you kitchen appliances on a budget

    You can update your kitchen appliances on a budget. Plenty of options exist that will allow you to cook in a modern setting without spending a fortune or having to take out a home improvement loan.

    You can easily achieve a new look by changing the color of the appliances. Rather than stick with copper or white, try stainless steal for an upscale look that enhances your home’s resale value.

    You can make it easier on yourself shopping-wise by choosing a set. Many manufacturers turn out appliance sets and you can land a great deal this way.

    Make a smaller kitchen seem bigger and get more work out of it with a range microwave. It provides a hood and a microwave, plus its space saving design helps give you more counter top space. Try the Samsung 1.8 cubic feet microwave for $249 or the manufacturer’s 1.6 cubic feet option for $199.

    Enhance this by adding an oven and cooktop. Those working with a tiny house design or redoing a condo kitchen can maximize the space by installing a compact oven. Try the Summit RE203W for $369.05. It requires only 20 inches of space, but provides the four burner system you’re used to using. In homes of standard size, you can whip up culinary treats on this Amana 4.8 cubic feet electric range in stainless steel.

    Forget washing dishes by hand. You need a dishwasher. If your small space stopped you until now, try this countertop dishwasher from EdgeStar for $259. If you have room and prefer a traditional model, Frigidaire makes a four-cycle machine in black, white or stainless steel for $449 to $520, depending on finish.

    You can install the retro look of the Smeg refrigerator without spending the $5,000 price tag. Choose the GE Artistry line instead. You can get a four piece appliance set for only $8,135 that includes the retro fridge, convection double oven, range hood and dishwasher. You get your entire cooking space in perfectly matching appliances.

    Another way to save money, but still get new appliances is to shop the scratch and dent sale. You can save hundreds on a purchase due to a tiny cosmetic scratch or dent which you can then buff out.

    Finding the right appliances does not have to be tough. You can easily redo your cooking space for only a few thousand dollars. You just need to shop around and budget.

  • Top 5 Smarthome Products in 2019

    In today’s technology-driven world, every household has a smarthome device that provides convenience and security 24/7. In line with this, the smarthome device industry is rapidly growing. Different gadgets and devices enter the market almost every year. To find the best gadgets for your home, here is the list of the top five devices in 2019:

    1. Amazon Echo Show 8

    This new addition to the Echo Show line features an HD display panel and a slightly larger screen compared to its previous version, the Echo Show 5. Because Amazon is positioning this device to be used primarily in the kitchen, you can now watch Food Network TV shows on this device. Launched in September 2019, it comes with an 8-inch HD display. It is now easier to follow recipes, as well as save those recipes with Amazon's voice recognition platform, Alexa.

    2. Ecobee SmartThermostat

    This WiFi-based thermostat lets you control your home temperature, from heating to air conditioning, with an app or with your own voice. The newest version includes a state-of-the-art remote sensor that can read the ambient temperature and occupancy so it can adjust accordingly. Equipped with new intelligent features, it can also help you save at least 23% annually on your heating and cooling costs. You can also call your friends, stream music and control other smart devices with Ecobee SmartThermostat with Alexa built into the system.

    3. Arlo Q

    With its great video quality from its excellent cameras, Arlo Q is 2019’s best webcam-based security camera. It has strong motion and sound detection, plus it comes with a free cloud-storage plan. According to its users, Arlo Q is very simple to set up for indoor monitoring. Its scheduling is deeper and more flexible than most of its competitors.

    4. Nest Hello

    This doorbell camera continuously records videos and its facial recognition feature lets you know who’s at your door by name and it can distinguish between people and cars. Because of this, the notifications you receive are very accurate and precise. With its 2019 release, Google has added a package detection feature so it can alert you when packages arrive at your door.

    5. Amazon Echo Dot – 3rd Generation

    Voice assistants are the starting point for building a smarthome. Amazon’s new generation of Echo Dot offers more skills and support for more third-party devices and applications such as Pandora, Spotify, Audible and Sirius XM among others. It is the most compact smart speaker in Amazon’s line so it can fit into small spaces. The improved speaker quality provides richer and louder sound as compared to the previous generations and it can be paired with a second Echo Dot for stereo sound. As a result of Amazon’s efforts to produce eco-friendly devices, this new version comes in a cloth-covered finish, with softer and rounded edges.

  • Amazon Prime day versus Amazon on Black Friday- which has better bargains?

    Amazon's Prime Day is a day, or two, where Prime members can snag some exclusive deals. These deals are in comparison, if not better than the deals all customers receive on Black Friday. Which day has better deals, though?

    The numbers do not lie. Amazon started the exclusive day of deals for Prime Members to celebrate its twenty-fifth birthday in 2015. Let us take a closer look at the deals for these 2 days. We will then give you a clear understanding of which day is better to shop.

    What is Amazon Prime Day?

    It is a day set up exclusively for Prime Members. If you are a Prime Member of the site, you can save with the many deals available to you. The first-ever day set aside exclusively for Prime Members was July 15, 2015. Some think it was an over-rated publicity stunt.

    It was started as a way for the company to give back to its members. It was a way to celebrate their twenty-fifth birthday. The birthday celebration was a success and the company has continued hosting the event every year since. Every year, the event gets better.

    The 2019 event was the best so far. In July 2019, the event was hosted for 48 hours. Prime Members saw the best deals near the end of the 48-hour event. Every year, the event boasts better numbers than the immediate preceding year. It appears the company has found itself a keeper sale.

    What About Black Friday?

    It is the accepted term for the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Every year shoppers go to a day-long event of shopping and starting their Christmas shopping list. All stores both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce put on specials to attract the most customers.

    The first Black Friday event was held in 1952. Despite this, the term has not been used to describe the day until recent decades. Amazon is no stranger to hosting sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The site offers many sales that usually begin late on Thanksgiving Day. The sales are plentiful and the day usually boasts profits for the company.

    The deals site-wide are extraordinary. These sales are open to all visitors to the company's site. You do not have to be a Prime Member to snag a deal with this sale. So, which day has the better deals? Read on to find out.

    The Better Deals

    Some companies have followed the deals for Amazon's 2 biggest sale days. These studies are ongoing and they state that the Prime Day deals might be slightly better than the other. It might be because of the way the site owner and operator value the customers who visit.

    Whether the trends will hold up for the year 2019 is still to be answered. The day for Prime Members has passed. But, we have yet to kick off the 2019 Holiday shopping. We cannot be certain if the Day for Prime Members was better in 2019. If the trends hold up, though, it was.

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