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  • Online eCommerce Shopping: Why So Addictive?

    Online shopping is now beginning to run parallel to traditional shopping. It has gained a lot of attention recently, and it is not only getting familiar, but many people are getting too addicted to it. Even though the primary reason for introducing online shopping was to control impulse buying, but it seems like that is backfiring very bad.

    However, why are people even getting addicted to it? Maybe it is because of the great deals, convenience, or the variety of options.


    The primary reason why people love online shopping is that it is very convenient. Did you ever think you could shop in your bed at 3 am in your pajamas? Online shopping makes it possible.

    Do you remember the times when you would be watching those TV commercials at night and buy ridiculous things that you will never use? Well, online shopping is all that in an elevated form.

    You are most vulnerable at night, you make the worst decisions, and online stores take advantage of that.

    The Great Deals

    If you enjoy online shopping, you must know that the online store will offer the most amazing discount deals. There will be days when you will get a flat 50% off, which seems like more than a blessing.

    When you are online shopping, and you see online sales from all over the world that are more than attractive, how can you miss it? This factor makes it the most attractive. It's hard to say 'no' to a deal from an international brand. Many stores offer free shipping that makes the deals, which is, for sure, a great deal.

    Variety of Stores

    Even if you are a person who prefers going to the mall, you need to accept, and the online store has a better range. You can find products from around the world. You would be sitting in your bedroom in Tokyo, Japan and you can place an order for purse, which the store makes in Italy. This ability to purchase something from anywhere captures the beauty of technology and globalization.

    Even if you buy from a store that has their physical store in your city but you will get a better variety of their online store. That is because the online store will provide you directly from their manufacturing house.

    Better Shopping Experience

    In the past, online shopping had many loopholes, but with time, the online stores worked on it and are successfully give the best services. They are still working on providing better service by improving their return policies and much more.

    You might know how hellish it is to shop in the holiday season. With online shopping, you do not need to wait in lines or deal with the massive rush of people. You can get you stuff at your doorsteps with ease.

    Final Feedback

    Online shopping still seems very futuristic. It is beyond the human mind how people have solved a significant time management issue. Online shopping is most convenient for the working class. Because they have the least amount of time to spare for something as time-consuming as shopping.

  • The top 5 web stores of 2020

    There are virtually countless web stores out there today, but a select few have what it takes to be the best and subsequently, some of the most popular shopping outlets online right now. What are some of the best online shopping venues out there today? For this year, 2020, the following five retailers have proven themselves the absolute rulers of the digital sales market.

    5. Wish

    Based on the premise of getting ridiculously cheap goods directly from Chinese manufacturers, Wish is a very popular webstore right now. Items are unbeatable cheap here, but the catch is that most take a bit more time than usual to receive due to economy shipping methods. If slow shipping is OK with you, then this site is very much worth checking into.

    4. Overstock

    Overstock is a very popular online retailer that offers price match guarantees and lots of regularly-occurring deal opportunities. There are loads of different kinds of items sold here, and numerous, unique ways to browse them. There are few complaints out there about Overstock except for occasional warranty loopholes in products offered there.

    3. Etsy

    Founded in 2005, Etsy has risen to be an online retail giant, offering over 60 million different items for sale. The premise of this site is to exclusively offer a platform in which artisans and private makers from all over the world can offer their items for sale and create an online presence for themselves. For anyone looking for unique artisan crafts not found anywhere else, this is the webstore to visit.

    2. Ebay

    The second biggest webstore for 2020 is Ebay. Ebay has been around for years and, as of this writing, has come to hold an impressive market cap value of $31.5B. Shoppers here can experience the online auction system originally pioneered by the company that acts as an auction as well as an instantaneous buy system in many cases, too.

    1. Amazon

    At number-one for the year, Amazon is the undisputed king of online retail operations today. From items of all sorts to even online video rental, book rentals, and much more, this company has exploded into a major retail presence across the globe. To give an idea as to the success and popularity of this retailer, as of this writing, Amazon's value is listed at well over $916B, almost three times that of the next biggest competitor, Ebay.

    Online commerce is an increasingly utilized shopping method across the globe and will continue to expand greatly. While some have done OK in this realm of digital retail operation, others have absolutely mastered it, reeling in customers with great deals, browsing methods, guarantees, low prices, and other vital tricks of the trade. These five, above-mentioned retailers represent those very best and most successful webstores of 2020 that have mastered the retail game.

  • 5 things to buy in March

    March is a great month to buy certain kinds of things. Now is the time to look for all kinds of useful deals. Things like seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as sports gear and luggage go on sale right now. Savvy shoppers should step up and go for it. They'll benefit with items they really need.

    A Cruise

    If you're headed off on vacation, this is a great time to book a cruise. Known as "wave season," is the time when cruise industry officials try to get people to book a vacation. In order to bring people on board, they offer all sorts of discounts. Think of this Black Friday only for an entire three months until the end of March. It's a good time for anyone to snatch up a deal for the vacation destination they've been thinking about all year long.

    New Televisions

    This also tends to be a good month to buy lots of different kinds of electronics. Many companies offer large discounts in an effort to get rid of existing inventory and bring in new items. Television sets often go on sale during this time of the year. If there's something you've been wanting to get a brand new screen, this is the time to consider examining models and bringing one home.

    A Nice Set of Luggage

    Luggage is a nice thing to have on hand. You can take your luggage and hit that cruise ship vacation in style. As this is a something of an off season or a shoulder season in many parts of the world, demand for travel items like luggage tends to be decreased. Fewer travelers means fewer buyers. Luggage companies tend to respond by offering large discounts for their clients. A careful examination will often reveal lots of different kinds of luggage types for people of all ages and travel plans.

    Winter Sports Gear

    With winter winding down, sports companies want to get rid of their excess inventory. This means large discounts on all kinds of items related to winter. Shoppers will find things such as snowboards and skiing equipment at reduced prices. This is a good choice for a bargain for those who are planning to travel to places that tend to have snow all year long. Chains that sell sporting goods want to make way for their new summer items. They're happy to allow shoppers to enjoy large discounts on all winter related thing.

    Great Fruit and Vegetables

    Now marks a deep transition from winter to spring. This is true of the kind of fruit and vegetables that are available for purchase. Pineapple lovers can find this fruit in season now ready and waiting for anything they have in mind. Other vegetables are at peak freshness and less expensive in March. Artichokes, leeks, mushrooms, radishes and parsnips are just some of the fresh vegetables ripe for your enjoyment. Roast them or create a fabulously flavorful salad for lunch.

  • How to file taxes for free online

    As everyone knows, taxes are inevitable. However, the fees associated with filing taxes are not. That said, if you want to file taxes for free online, you need to understand what type of tax forms and income situations qualify for free filing.


    If you have what is known as a complicated, home-based-business income situations, you will likely have to pay something. However, if you are filing taxes online that require a traditional 1040 or 1040-EZ, you will not need to worry about paying one dime.

    Additionally, if you fit into a low-income bracket, you can file just about any taxes for free.

    For people serving in the military, the income bracket is a little more generous. Finally, free tax filing is sometimes dependent on the state in which you reside.

    For people who do not meet the income cap, you might still qualify for free taxes as long as you qualify for the earned-income tax credit.

    1. TurboTax Freedom Edition

    As one of the top tax-preparation companies, TurboTax offers free tax filing for account holders who made less than $34,000 in the previous year. This income cap helps ensure low-earners have an affordable way to file taxes regardless how complicated their taxes are.

    For people who might have earned more than $34,000 per year, TurboTax also offers a free tax option. The only requirement is that you visit If you go to the standard TurboTax website, you will not be offered the actual free version.

    2. Free 1040 Tax Return

    Another free option for filing your taxes is via Free 1040 Tax Return. As the name implies, you only receive free tax filing if you are capable of paying your taxes using the 1040 form. If you use additional forms to report income from self-employment or working as a contractor, you will not qualify.

    3. TaxAct

    TaxAct offers free filing for households in which the total gross income is less than $59,000. If your income is greater than $59,000, you will only qualify for free taxes if you meet the following conditions.

    - eligible for the earned income tax credit
    - currently serving in the military with an income of less than $69,000

    4. FileYourTaxes

    FileYourTaxes offers tax filers free tax assistance if they earned between $9,000 and $69,000 and are also younger than 65 years of age. If you fall outside this strict definition, you can only qualify for free tax assistance if you earn less than $69,000 and are actively serving in one of the branches of the military. For people with foreign addresses, you can still file your taxes for free.

    5. 1040Now

    If you visit 1040Now, you can receive free tax filing, but you must earn less than $69,000 while also living in one of the following states.

    - Ala.
    - Ark.
    - Ariz.
    - Calif.
    - Ga.
    - Iowa
    - Idaho
    - Ky.
    - Mich.
    - Minn.
    - Mo.
    - Miss.
    - N.C.
    - N.D.
    - N.Y.
    - Okla.
    - Ore.
    - R.I.
    - S.C.
    - Va.
    - Vt.
    - W. Va.

    State taxes

    Please note that all of the above services provide free filing of state taxes except 1040Now.

  • A Look at Some of the Hottest Tech Trends in 2020

    When you are talking about the hottest tech trends occurring in 2020, you have to mention AI, edge computing, and the internet of things, but with so much going on around the world, even that would hardly cover all of the latest trends. This year has already proven to be a pivotal year in the evolution of technology. There are multiple leading edge technologies being brought to market right this minute that will undoubtedly forever change the way most people go about their daily lives.

    Artificial Intelligence Guides the Way

    AI is certainly leading the pack in terms of revolutionizing the way we go about our daily business. The latest trends in 2020 are moving us towards a world where computers are making more decisions in place of humans. In some cases, like the aviation industry, computers are now even making repairs. It is this increased reliance upon artificial intelligence that will be the hallmark of 2020.

    AI isn't the only sector in the computing industry that is pushing forward the limits of science though. In fact, you just might be surprised by how close to home the most technologically advanced solutions on the market are right now. They just might actually be in your home already if you rely upon smart devices on a regular basis. Welcome to the edge of computing, a new domain where corporate giants are now able to offload the processing power of AI tasks to the devices of consumers.

    Cloud Computing Meets Home Computers

    This means that the cloud is coming to you this year. Cloud computing used to be hallmarked by huge data servers, but these data servers are now being replaced by micro data centers that could potentially be as small as a cell phone. Furthermore, an intelligent network of sensors has become the norm in today's fast-paced world. No longer must people wait for multiple seconds to get the vital data they need due to limitations of the speed of light. Today, consumers and businesses are gaining access to real-time data due to edge computing, which is a technological advancement that could completely transform their daily activities.

    Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Continue to Thrive

    All of this could hardly be mentioned without also making reference to the tremendous advancements that have been happening in the virtual currency markets. Cryptocurrencies are more than just a buzzword these days. The hottest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are certainly making a splash upon the global economy, but it's the advancements happening in the real world that are really changing the nature of the game. Cryptocurrency ATMs are the latest trend, and they look to be here for good. No longer must consumers battle endless technical jargon just to purchase their favorite cryptocurrencies. Today it's as easy as walking into a convenience store and making a purchase.

    Don't Forget to Put the Parking Brake On

    Of all the latest tech tends to occur though, it is likely autonomous driving that will ultimately change the way we live our daily lives to the greatest degree. Autonomous vehicles are now being used to enhance the quality of life individuals around the world enjoy on a daily basis. This year will undoubtedly be marked by a great number of achievements in the autonomous vehicle category as companies throughout the world continue to race to the finish line of delivering a vehicle capable of driving completely autonomously.

  • 5 Ways to Save In February

    Now that January is gone, you can start saving with sheer simplicity in February. The new month has fascinating events such as Valentine’s Day that is around the corner. Hence, you don’t have to go broke before then. You can save by cutting the spending on items that are not utterly essential. February is quite short, and it should gear you up as you draft a financial plan. Perhaps, you can involve a friend, family, or spouse in this journey for more motivation. Read on to get more insights about how you can reduce your expenses.

    Stock Up Your Supplies

    The first tip is to buy supplies in bulk ranging from groceries to toiletries. The secret behind it is that many stores have fresh produce such as seafood and meat during this time. Thus, you should buy them in large quantities and store them in your freezer. It is best to do so before February 14th. You will get the products at a reasonable price as compared to the later dates of the month.

    Shop for Items on President’s Day

    If you need to buy appliances, you should buy them on President’s Day. The primary reason is that many online and offline shops have fantastic deals. You can save a significant amount of money due to the stunning discounts. For this reason, you can take home TV sets, mattresses, and warm clothes at pocket-friendly prices.

    Prepare a Romantic Meal on Valentine’s Day

    You don’t have to go out for dinner during the special occasion. You can prepare an excellent meal and have a romantic night with your partner. Turn on some music and dance the night away from the chilly weather. It is a unique strategy since restaurants at the time will hike prices to another level. Thus, you can get that bottle of wine and enjoy the night at the comfort of your abode. If your loved one insists on celebrating the day outdoors, you can make reservations from 15th onward. By then, the prices will have significantly reduced to your advantage.

    Buy Lingerie Before 14TH

    If you intend to surprise your girlfriend or wife with a set of lingerie, you should do it before the 14th. The highlight is that you will buy two bras for the price of one item, and that is amazing. Thus, you can start going through your favorite online store and shop early. The same applies to single ladies who want to look good. It is the perfect time to buy the bras before Valentine’s arrives at expensive rates.

    File Your Tax Returns

    You can file your taxes this month so that you can get refunds that you deserve. What’s more, you should take advantage of the software that comes with huge savings. You will take home a considerable amount since you have submitted the tax data ahead of others. Your bank account will grow, and you will be glad that you took heed to the advice. The tax benefits might differ according to the website but ensure that you pick the one that has higher returns.

  • How to save on TV Streaming services every month

    There are many ways to save on TV streaming services every monthly. Doing a little bit of research is important prior to reserving a package. There are always so many great deals out there to choose from. Many companies have promotions for new customers to take advantage of. There's also many great things that you can do online without having to pay for monthly services.

    Always make sure to research bundles. This goes for those who have cable packages and would like to add an additional service for streaming. There may be a bit more research involved if you are looking to add a lot of subscriptions. You may want to check into live options with an additional movie channel option. This depends on what your needs are. There are great deals out there that you can find for just $12.99 per month. Again, depending on the type of package and additions you want, the cost will vary. Regardless, it’s good to check for ongoing promotions and bundles that can help you put some extra cash back into your pockets.

    Stream for Free
    You may also have the option to stream for free online. There are so many companies that try to reel in as many viewers as they possibly can. The only way to do this is by offering free services or free trial services. You may also be able to stream for free via your cell phone provider. Netflix, Apple, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu are just a few companies that offer free subscriptions and free trials anywhere between 7-30 days. If you own a smart TV, you can connect these apps directly to your TV. This is a lot better than paying for cable plans every month when you can get the exact same thing for free or at a much lower cost.

    Don’t forget to cancel your free trial after or prior to it ending. If you cancel prior to it ending, it may continue until the last day. You will end up getting charged if you forget to cancel. Many people don’t realize that they have been paying for a new service until they look back at their past bank statements. It's highly recommended to cancel prior to the trial end date so you won’t get stuck with another monthly payment you don’t need. Also make sure to pick and choose wisely. You don’t want to end up paying for 3 different services that you forgot to cancel after the free trial period ended. It’s okay to do if you keep up with them. Besides, subscribing to more than one at a single time gives you even more options to explore.

    You don't need to pay to stream anymore as there are many services out there that you can find. Whether you are looking for a simple bundle or ways to get free trials, those options are available to you. These are the best ways to save yourself money each month.

  • 5 tips to grow you piggy bank

    Growing your piggy bank is easier than you might think. It is all about being alert and finding the things that are going to help you increase your savings.

    1. You Spend It and The Banking Institution Rounds Up

    There are banks that are able to round up to the nearest dollar when you spend and contribute that dollar into your account. This can be great for all of those that use their debit cards on a regular basis. All banking institutions do not do this, however, so it is important to read the fine print and find out which ones are providing this financial contribution for customers.

    2. Make The Switch

    One of the most helpful tips that fills the piggy bank involves your ability to make the switch to another banking institution. There are a ton of financial institutions out there that give people incentives to make the switch. It is up to the customers to look at the competition, make the comparisons and find a financial institution that works best based on their lifestyle.

    3. Pay Yourself

    There is wisdom in paying yourself first. This may sound like a huge cliché, but the reality is that the ability to pay yourself is one of the most helpful tips that you can implement in your life. You can start small and increase increments over time. People that automatically send money to their savings account will have a much easier time amassing a larger amount of money over time. This is a good way to discipline yourself to do what you may not initially want to do. Once you set this in place it becomes automatic, and you don't even think about it.

    4. High Interest Rates

    It is important to have a banking institution that has high interest rates. This gives you the incentive to save. Those that are trying to see how more money can be earned should work on building up their savings with regular contributions to reap the benefits of compound interest.

    5. Start Investing

    Most of the tips above are ways to moderately increase your bank account. If you are serious about some large growth for any account you own you are going to need to consider investing. This is going to be something that requires a bit of knowledge. In order to gain this knowledge you are going to have to study and learn the rules of engagement when it comes to investing.

    It is true that some people will find themselves losing money, but it is important to put stock into building a portfolio that is diverse. That is typically the only way that you are going to see real growth when it comes to money. You may have a strong ability to discipline yourself to save, but saving without looking for investment opportunities will not help you gain a substantial amount of money. It's always going to be important to see the necessary need to make investing a big part of your wealth building experience.

  • Five must-have items for the NFL season!

    Just like you must do for any months-long festivity, preparing for the football season is the only way to ensure your family and friends have all the food and front-row fun on and off the gridiron.

    1. Grill

    Whether you opt for the Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill that offers 800 inches of cooking area or a Folding Portable Lightweight Barbecue Grill that is perfect for tailgating, you do need a grill. Of course, with any grill, you will need accessories, such as the OMANTICIST 27pc BBQ Accessories Set that offers every possible cooking utensil you will need for ribs, chops, or steaks.

    2. Spirit

    Team spirit can only be shown in one way: an official NFL jersey for whatever team that solicits your loudest cheers. Of course, since winter is the official NFL celebration time, you might opt for a sweatshirt and hat instead. Whichever, your official gear supports your on-field champions and taunts those family members who inevitably root for the wrong team.

    3. Coolers

    Okay, number three on this list actually is comprised of two items: a cooler and a chair. You obviously need a chair for cheering, talking, and eating. However, you also need something to drink, and it better be ice cold. Therefore, number three on this list is comprised of chairs and coolers.

    4. Carrying tray

    A carrying tray for your food and drink is as essential as the food and drink. The tray holds your cup, your dogs, and your fries or tots. Of course, your chops can fit easily on top of the dogs, and you can situate your burger askew on your chop. Your veggie skewer can fit into the slot beside your drink, and you can have the grill master sprinkle nachos liberally over the entire food array. Thus situated, all you need to do is enjoy the season.

    5. Television: bigger and better

    If you have ever been to a football game, you know just how gigantic those players are. You might not have noticed, however, that football players will not display properly on small televisions. You think technology, being what it is, could design a small television capable of displaying large events, but small televisions just do not display anything without the heads and feet getting cut off and most of the scenes stretched and distorted.

    If you are now getting up to check your television to see if it will display a football game, there are two things that just went wrong. First, of course, your television will show a football game. Two, you are probably wanting something that does a better job. For instance, this 49-inch Samsung television offers 4K resolution and true color reproduction.
    That said, this 75-inch TCL television actually brings the game into your living room. It offers 4K resolution, true color representation, and a refresh rate perfect for high-speed video. Additionally, it is large enough that the heads of the players will actually not get cut off.

  • 15 handicap discounts you can get in 2020

    If you are handicapped, you can save money on a variety of services. However, what might not be obvious is that throughout 2020, companies in nearly every industry are committed to offering you significant discounts, allowing a multitude of your basic living, health, and luxury needs to be met and help improve your quality of life.


    1. U.S. National Park Service

    For people with disabilities, the US National Park Service offers a free park pass that provides access to any United States national park. Fees for park entry typically run between $15.00 to $30.00 per vehicle per park, and this pass typically costs $80.00 for all parks. As such, it is a valuable discount for anyone with a handicap.

    Health products

    2. Pan Foundation

    Handicap people have special needs that typically come at a high cost because treating or assisting people with special needs requires special medication or expertise. The Pan Foundation focuses on helping people with medical costs and pharmacy bills. If you are handicapped, you can receive discounts for co-pays and medications.

    3. Amy Van Dyken Foundation

    For people with disabilities, this foundation offers free medical equipment. Although this service provides discounts on equipment that can cost thousands of dollars, the discount is specifically for people with injuries involving the spinal cord.

    4. MTS Medical Supply

    Discounts on such things as wheelchairs and handrails are available via the program run by MTS Medical Supply. For example, if you are handicapped, you can purchase a $90 bed rail for $60, saving you 33 percent.


    5. Sun Metro

    Handicapped passengers of Sun Metro receive a whopping 70-percent discount on all fares.

    6. Amtrak

    You can save 10 percent on train travel via Amtrak's disability savings program. Additionally, accompanying children can save up to 50 percent.

    7. LeeTran

    Most national bus companies offer discounts for children and students but not to handicapped people. However, LeeTran offers discounted fares on all LeeTran buses. All you have to do is show your identification card.

    8. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority

    This transit authority offers handicapped individuals travel savings throughout the Hillsborough area. The savings program must be renewed every six months.

    9. Pacific Surfliner

    Available to individuals with a disability, this savings program offers savings of 15 percent on train travel throughout the west coast. To qualify, all you have to do is select "Passenger with Disability" when you book your travel and enter "V577" as the promotion code.


    10. Mystic Seaport

    Handicapped individuals can receive a 50-percent discount to this maritime museum. The museum also offers affordable wheelchair rentals and adaptive strollers.

    11. Dollywood

    This discount involves free admission to select rides, but the option of also receiving priority boarding means you do not have to wait in line. In this instance, not having to wait might be more fun than the free admission.


    12. Salvation Army

    For the handicapped, Salvation Army offers bill-pay assistance, which actually puts money in your hands. Additionally, you can receive discounts on meal programs and rent.

    13. U.S. Department of Energy

    Throughout 2020, handicapped individuals can receive discounts on heaters and air conditioners. Additionally, they can provide free inspections on existing systems.


    14. AT&T

    For a 25-percent savings on service plans, all you need to do is sign up for phone service. Additionally, you receive savings on various plan features and add-ons.


    15. ClubGo

    ClubGo is a savings network that helps people with disabilities save up to 60 percent on hotel reservations.

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