Easy, Delicious Recipes To Try During Quarantine

Quarantine is hard on those who grab a bite to eat outside in restaurants, bars, and cafes. People who didn’t have time to cook because of their busy schedules now have all the time in the world on their hands. Others have had huge losses in business and can’t afford to order their meals from quality restaurants on a daily basis. To top it off, it’s better to reconstruct your diet, because you aren’t exerting your body when you’re at home all the time. It’s better to cook for yourself amidst COVID-19 as a health precaution as well - you can never be too safe from the virus.

Rookie Home Cooks

Now, this leaves us with a question: What to do when you lack cooking skills? You can’t be wasting groceries - there’s a shortage in stores already! This issue befalls college students, men who must help around the house now that they’re stuck home, and countless others. Even if you can cook, there’s no harm in trying out new, easy to cook 2-minute recipes. It’s like a catharsis. According to the Reader’s Digest, cooking aromas will activate your taste, touch, hearing and sight. Here are some easy to cook recipes for you to try out!

5-minute Tiger Prawns

Have you ever had a seafood craving? Well, cooking prawns yourself may be mentally challenging and hard to accept for some. Inexperienced people might find it hard to hold raw seafood at first. Do yourself a favour and get rid of your fear, because prawns serve as the perfect savoury snack that you can prepare for yourself at home. Furthermore, they are effective immune boosters to combat the COVID-19 in style!

Whipped Cold Coffee

Coffee is a lifesaver throughout the year. It’s no less helpful in the current COVID-19 quarantine situation! Whipped cold coffee can be made in simple steps, through easy 2-minute recipes. Treat yourself to a frothy, milky, creamy delight, and share the recipe with all your family and friends as well! Everyone needs a wholesome hug - even from a 6-feet distance.

Chicken Fried Rice

Need something filling? Chicken fried rice isn't a hard dish that you can’t cook yourself. In fact, when the recipe is simple and understandable, rice is very easy to cook. Chicken fried rice is a mealtime favorite which will cheer up the entire family, or friends that you may be quarantined with. Even if you’re isolated, you can make this amazing dish by yourself and enjoy a video call dinner with your loved ones. Just try it - you won’t regret it.


What are your cooking experiences during quarantine? Have you tried to challenge the inner home cook in you by mixing up your recipes, by creating new, innovative dishes? We would love for you to share your cooking breakthroughs with the rest of the community. Leave your quarantine suggestions, easy to cook recipes, and comments down below!